Martin Houser

Birth:  24 AUG 1733  Germany

Name Var: 
Martin Houser, Sr.; Johann Martin Houser; Martin Hauser; John Martin Houser

Note: 1749
Details: Came to Lebannon Co, Pennsylvania (which is now Lower Paxton Twp., Dauphin County, Pennsylvania)

Birth of Daughter:  Rahael Houser

Birth of Son:  Jacob Houser

Birth of Son:  John Houser

Birth of Son:  Martin Houser Jr.

Birth of Daughter:  Anna Houser

Military: He was a Revolutionary War Veteran despite being of Mennonite faith.

Death:  1777 Morrison's Cove, Taylor Twp, Bedford Co (Now Blair Co), Pennsylvania
Was killed by Indians in the fall of 1777. 

The attack occurred in the Morrison's Cove area (near Martinsburg, Pa). Martin, Sr. and his son, John, were killed by the Indians. His youngest daughter, Anna, escaped.  Jacob or "Yuck" was pursued for 3 days but escaped by literally running the shoes off his feet. Martin, Jr. and Rachael were captured.  The mother was said to be visiting in Pittsburgh and therefore not harmed.

Rachael and Martin were dragged and led for many days to the site of present day Detroit. After several years (unsure either 2 to 3 1/2) he escaped and returned home. Rachael was released after 7 years. It is said her mother paid a man $20 to bring her back home. She then married Nicholas Barron II from Somerset Co.

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Jacob Neff, the Dunkard miller appears to have settled here on what was called the "Mill Seat Tract" about the year 1775. However, the
families of Martins and Hoovers and Housers may have settled within the limits of Taylor Township previous to that date, as about the year 1777 the Indians killed the father and brother of Martin Houser and took Martin and one of his sisters as prisoners.

The Housers lived on the farm for many years which is now the property of John Cornelius. Jacob Shoenfelt, Sr., built the stone house in Sharpsburg in 1802 and the log house adjoining it was built by John Brumbaugh about twenty years previous to this.

A son of Jacob Shoenfelt, Sr., states that when his father moved into Morrison's Cove and for some time afterward, there were only two grist mills in the Cove; the one owned by John Ullery at Roaring Spring and the other one owned by John Snyder located at Pattonsville. Mr. Shoenfelt also says that as late as 1800 there was not a store in Morrison's Cove.  He says, too, that the only religious denominations here were the Lutherans and the Dunkards; the latter worshipped in their dwelling houses, but the Lutherans built a church near Replogles' Mill, formerly Potters, called the Potter Church.

The Cyclopedia of Blair County gives this additional information. "From 1763 to 1775 the following persons came into what is now Taylor Township: Jacob Neff, Christian Hoover and Martin and Jacob Houser, and up to 1787 this additional list is given: John Brumbaugh, Daniel Ellrich (perhaps Daniel Ullery), Christ Markle, Abraham Plummer, Jacob Plummer, Peter Hoover, Philip Stoner and Peter Stoner. Between 1790 and 1800 came John Ullery, Jacob Shoenfelt, Edward Cowen, - Neterer, John Lower, Adam Lower, Frederick hartle, John Morgan and Tobias Shiffler."
                                                           - Looking Eighty Years Backward and A History of Roaring Spring, Pa.  by Daniel M. Bare

Anna ?


2nd Marriage: Jacob Hoover/Huber

Death:  1801

parents are unknown

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