Birth: 01 JAN 1795 Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, New York

Name Var:  Henry
Note: He was probably known as Henrich as a child, for he was descended from Palatine Germans of Dutchess County New York.

Baptism: 26 MAY 1793
Place: Red Church of Tivoli, Dutchess Co. New York
Note: Parents Peter Berger, and Susanna Koen, sponsers Hendrick Benner and Catrina Benner.
Note:  Other family states that he was baptised 01 JAN 1795 at the Reformed German Church, Rhinebeck, New York

Moved to: Williamstown, Oswego Co, New York
Note: His parents moved to the Williamstown area of Oswego County when Henry was a boy.

Marriage: 18 JUL 1808
Note: Note sure this date is right.  According to other family members, he met and married Abigail Hough, ( pronounced Huff) about 1818. One of those Courthouse fires destroyed the records , so the marriage date is not known.

Birth of Daughter: Susan Barringer

Military: Served in the War of 1812
Note: He served in the War of 1812 and for this service he received bounty land in Sauk County Wisconsin, 160 acres, south of Reedsburg.

Lived in: He lived in Williamstown, then Richmond and Naples New York, before moving west. He lived for a time in Michigan, where daughter Calista married and stayed. Then probably to Beloit Wisconsin, before settling down at Reedsburg.

Politics: An ardent Democrat

Birth of Son: 17 JUL 1819
Name: William Henry Barringer

1820 Census: Williamstown, Oswego Co, New York

Birth of Son: 14 MAR 1823
Name: Peter Barringer
Place: Williamstown, Oswego Co, New York

Birth of Daughter: 14 DEC 1823
Name: Jane Esther Barringer

Religion: Member of the Methodist Episcopal Church

Birth of Son: 15 SEP 1826
Name: Trueman Barringer
Place: Williamstown, New York


Birth of Daughter: 06 OCT 1829
Name: Abigail Callista Barringer


Birth of Daughter: 14 DEC 1832
Name: Catherine Barringer
Place: Williamstown, New York

1840 Census: Unable to find…


Birth of Daughter: 01 MAR 1840
Name: Elizabeth Barringer
Place: Elmira, New York

Birth of Son:  25 NOV 1841 
Name: George Riley Barringer
Place: Williamstown, Oswego County, New York


Living In: Washtenaw Co, MI for awhile…

Moved to: Illinois


1850 Census: 14 SEP 1850
Place: Baraboo, Sauk Co, Wisconsin
Details: Farmer. Wife, Abigail, William, Mary, Elizabeth, and George are living in household.


Declaration of Military Service: 14 DEC 1850
Note: On the 14th of Dec. 1850, Henry made a declaration of his miliary service for the purpose of aquiring bounty land.

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1853
Name: Celestia Barringer

Declaration of Military Service: 13 APR 1855
Note:  Again on the 13th of April 1855, he declares his service record for additional land. In all he was awarded 160 acres.

Applied for Money: SEP 1858
Note: Still later in September 1858, he applied for money to pay for lost equipment , etc, he had paid for, during his service, from the State of New York———-
Details: State of Wisconsin, Adams County On this 14th day of Sept A.D. 1858, personally appeared before me , Henry Barringer within named and for the County and State aforesaid , who is aged 63 years, a resident of the town of Reedsburg, in Saulk County, in the State of Wis. Who being duly sworn according to law declares that he is the identical person who was drafted in the Company commanded by Capt. Spencer in the Regiment of Militia commanded by Col. ( ) in the war with Great Britain Declared by the United States on the 18th of June 1812, that he was drafted under the general order of the Governor of the State of New York for the defense of Buffalo.

On or about the first of Sept. A.D. 1813 for the term of three months and under further general orders of said Governor, he was drafted at Cauadaigua, and continued in actual Service in said war for the term of three months, and lost one of his eyes in service. Was honourably discharged from said service for which he has received from the United States his land warrants one of 40 acres, and one for 120 acres, No. 36.833. And that he has Not received any pay for said service nor any portion of the sum directed to be paid him by the act entitled , An Act For the Relief of Certain Volunteers and Militia Called into Service, for the defense of the Frontiers and Said State of New York, etc … Now due and payable to him from the State the sum of 95 dollars with interest, ….. and further in the performance of said service he furnished at his own cost the following equipment, 1 hat $5 , 1 ordinary coat $8 , 1 vest $2 , 1 pr Pantaloons $5, 1 cartridge belt $1.50 , 2 belts $1 ,4 pr stockings $3 ,1 pr shoes $1.50 , 4 shirts $10 , 1 pr Suwarro Boots $5 , 2 neckerchiefs $2 , cash pd for trans. to Buffalo $20, cash for trans. from Army home $5.


1860 Census: 02 JUL 1860
Place: Reedsburgh, Sauk Co, Wisconsin
Note: Wife, Abigail, three children and teacher living in household.

Will: 17 SEP 1868
Note:  Henry’s will, dated Sept. 17 1868 and filed October 5th names wife Abigail as Extrix., and leaves her all his estate. the reason why i make this disposition of my property is that my wife is old and very infirm and not able to support herself, while my children and heirs at law to wit ; William H. ; Susan ; Peter ; Jain ; Catherine ; Ann ; Elizabeth ; George; Calista; and Truman, they are all comfortable situated and well able to provide for themselves”.

Death: 21 SEP 1868 Wisconsin
Note: While at home peeling apples, he collapsed and died in his chair.

Buried: Narrows Prairie Cemetery, Rock Springs, Sauk County, Wisconsin

Click here to see parents: Petrus Barringer and Susana Kuhn

Abigail Hough

Birth: 14 APR 1798 Roxbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut

Moved to:  BEF 1802
Note: Her parents moved to New York before 1802, probably first to Onieda County, then to the Williamstown area.

Medical: She suffered from facial cancer in later life and on the picture of them taken before 1868, we can see a bandage on her right cheek.

1870 Census: 06 AUG 1870
Place: Excelsior, Sauk Co, Wisconsin
Note: Living with the Jasper and Elizabeth Goodwin family (possibly her daughter?).

Death: 05 MAR 1871  Sauk Co, Wisconsin

Burial: Narrows Prairie Cemetery, Rock Springs, Sauk County, Wisconsin

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