Birth:  1647  Lyme, Saybrook Colony (now New London), Connecticut

Marriage:  25 DEC 1673  Lyme, Connecticut Colony
Details: Recorded 27 JAN 1673/74

Birth of Son:  11 Dec 1675
Name: Caleb Bennett

Birth of Daughter:  15 Nov 1677
Name:  Rose Bennett

Birth of Son: 26 December 1680
Name: John Bennett

Birth of Daughter:  07 AUG 1683
Name:  Sarah Bennett

Birth of Daughter:  19 MAR 1685
Name:  Love Bennett

Birth of Daughter:  19 MAY 1688
Name:  Dorothy Bennett

Birth of Son: 29 JUL 1691
Name: Henry Bennett

Death:  17 JAN 1725/26   Lyme, Connecticut Colony

parents are Henry Bennett and Sarah ?

Sarah Champion     

Birth:  1649  Old Saybrook,   Saybrook Colony (now Middlesex Co), Connecticut

Death: 31 MAR 1727  Lyme, Connecticut Colony

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