Born: ABT 1620 England

Military: Served in the Colonial Militia. Was a Sergeant.

Marriage: to Mary Church in Hartford, Connecticut

Freeman: 1669

Positions Held: 1670
Note: Clerk of the Writs and Selectman for Hatfield, Massachusetts

Birth of Daughter: 05 JUL
Name: Mary Graves
Place: Hartford, Connecticut

Birth of Son: 22 AUG 1650
Name: Isaac Graves

Birth of Daughter: 03 JUL 1652
Name: Rebecca Graves

Birth of Son: 01 OCT 1655
Name: Samuel Graves

Birth of Daughter: Sarah Graves

Birth of Daughter: 1662
Name: Elizabeth Graves

Birth of Son: 1664
Name: John Graves

Birth of Daughter: 1666
Name: Hannah Graves

Birth of Son: Jonathan Graves

Birth of Daughter: 01 OCT 1671
Name: Mehitable Graves

Death: 19 SEP 1677 Hatfield, Hadley Twp, Hampshire Co, Massachusetts
Note: Killed in a Pequot Indian attack

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Mary Church

Born: 02 NOV 1632 in England

Death: 09 JUN 1694/96

Click here to see Parents: Richard Church and Anne Marsh

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