Birth:  1655 England

Note:  He is referred to as “Old John Kenyon” and “The Immigrant John Kenyon.”

Coat of Arms:  Pic on right of the Kenyon Arms listed on page 14 of American Kenyons. There were apparently various Kenyon arms to distinguish presumably different Kenyon lineages/ branches.

The arms depict a dove on a rock holding in its beak an olive branch.

According to the book:  “This is the only arms to which the descendants of the Rhode Island family are entitled. The other arms were granted to particular branches of the family after the birth of the head of this branch of Kenyon in the New World.”

Birth of Son:  26 DEC 1682 (baptized)
Name:  John Kenyon
Place:  Oldham, Lancastershire, England

Birth of Daughter:  22 FEB 1684 (baptized)
Name:  Sarah Kenyon
Place:  Oldham, Lancastershire, England

Immigration:  ABT 1684 or 1685
Details:  John Kenyon came to the Colony in Kingston, Rhode Island. It is unknown whether Anna came to America with him.

Birth of Son:  1684
Name:  James Kenyon

Birth of Son:  Enoch Kenyon

Birth of Son:  Joseph Kenyon

Birth of Son:  Samuel Kenyon

Birth of Son:  1693
Name:  David Kenyon

Birth of Son:  1695
Name:  Jonathan Kenyon

Land Rec:  16 OCT 1712
Details:  John deeded his son, John Kenyon, 170 acres of land in South Kingstown bounded on one side by land of Peleg Mumford, brother-in-law of John Kenyon.

Land Rec:  1716
Details:  He deeded land to his son-in-law, John Webster.

Land Rec:  1719
Details:  He deeded land in Westerly, Rhode Island, to his sons, James and Samuel.

Land Rec:  1721
Details:  He deeded land to his son Enoch.

Land Rec:  1724:
Details:  He deeded land to his sons Jonathan and David, in Westerly.

Death:  1732  Westerly, Washington Co, Rhode Island

Will Proved:  12 JUN 1732  Westerly, Rhode Island
Details:  His son Jonathan was named executor; sons John, James, Enoch, Joseph, and David were mentioned in the will.

parents are unknown

Anna ?

parents are unknown

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