Birth: 1604 Wiltshire, England

Immigration: 1637
Details: John may have immigrated on the “Hector” or the Hector’s “Consort” in 1637.

Note: Representative to the General Court

Note: 1639
Details: Signer of the New Haven Colony Compact

Birth of Daughter: 10 Apr 1642
Name: Abigail Moss

Note: 1642
Details: Corporal in the New Haven Train Band

Birth of Son: 1643
Name: Joseph Moss

Birth of Son: 12 Oct 1650
Name: John Moss

Birth of Daughter: 2 Jan 1653
Name: Esther Moss

Note: 1664
Details: Deputy to the New Haven Legislature

Military: Corporal in King Philip’s War.

Note: 12 MAY 1670
Details: One of the founder’s of Wallingford, CT. (incorporated as a town on May 12,1670) It is believed he may have named Wallingford, CT.

Death: 31 Mar 1707 Wallingford, New Haven County, Connecticut
Note: He died at the age of 103.

Parents are unknown

Abigail Charles

Birth: 1606 Sandford, Mid Devon District, Devon, England

Death: 1656 Wallingford, New Haven County, Connecticut

Burial: Center Street Cemetery Wallingford, New Haven County, Connecticut

Parents are unknown