Birth: ABT 1673  South Kingstown, Washington Co, Rhode Island

Birth of Son:  04 DEC 1699
Name:  John Tefft

Birth of Daughter: 1701
Name: Joanna Tefft

Land Rec: 28 JAN 1703
Details: He was one of those engaged in Shannock Purchase.

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1705
Name: Mary Tefft

Birth of Son:  08 JAN 1710
Name: Joseph Tefft

Birth of Son:  1712
Name:  Samuel Tefft

Birth of Son:  21 APR 1715
Name: James Tefft

Birth of Son:  14 MAR 1717
Name:  Nathan Tefft

Birth of Daughter: Mercy Tefft

Birth of Daughter: Mehitable Tefft

Birth of Daughter: Tabitha Tefft

Birth of Daughter: Sarah Tefft

Will:  05 JAN 1754
Details:  Codicil, 1757, Dec. 22 — proved 1762, Jan. 21. Exs. wife Joanna and son Joseph. To wife, ^500. To son John, 120 acres ” near about north from place where the old house stood and did belong to my honored father, Samuel Teft, deceased,” having already given to John a tract in Richmond and house on said land. To son Joseph, ^300 and a shotgun, having already given him a house and land in Richmond. To son Samuel, a gun, having already given him two tracts of land in Richmond. To sons James and Nathan, 5s. each. To six grandchildren, viz : George Webb, John Webb, Margaret Rogers, Elizabeth Sheblin, Mehitable, James and Mary Teft, ^£150 divided among them. To five daughters, Mary Barber, Mercy Rogers, Mehitable Rogers, Tabitha Teft and Sarah Brown, ^£750 equally divided. The rest of estate to children, the six grandchildren having an equal part with them. Codicil mentions decease of wife, and the £500 given her he now gives to five daughters. To granddaughters Margaret Rogers, Elizabeth Shilbe, Mehitable, James and Mary Teft, ^5 each.

Inventory: ^6,148, 16s., 7d., viz: wearing apparel,

Death:  BEF 21 JAN 1762  South Kingstown, Washington Co, Rhode Island

Click here to see parents:  Samuel Tefft and Elizabeth Jenckes

Joanna Sprague     

Birth: 1676  South Kingston, Washington Co, Rhode Island

Death:  BEF 22 DEC 1757  South Kingston, Washington Co, Rhode Island

Click here to see parents:  Jonathan Sprague and Mehitable Holbrook

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