Born: ABT 1616 England or Scotland

Note: His origins are not known with certainty. According to research by John Charles Gile (American, 2009), he may possibly have been baptised at Ilketshall, St. Margaret, Suffolk, England, on 30 November 1609, son of Richard and probably Margery (Jorden) Gylde.

Immigration: 1636
Note: He arrived in New England with his sister Ann Guild Allen and brother Samuel.

Occupation: Weaver

Marriage: 24 JUN 1645 to Elizabeth Crooke

Religion: 17 JUL 1640
Note: Admitted to the Church at Dedham, Massachusetts

Land Rec: 1640
Note: Purchased a home in Dedham, Massachusetts

Freeman: 10 MAY 1643

Military: Fought in King Philip’s War

Marriage: 31 JUN 1645 to Elizabeth Crooke in Dedham, Massachusetts

Birth of Son: 22 AUG 1646
Name: John Guild

Birth of Son: 17 NOV 1647
Name: Samuel Guild

Birth of Son: 29 NOV 1649
Name: John Guild

Birth of Son: 30 NOV 1653
Name: Eliezur Guild

Birth of Son: 21 DEC 1657
Name: Ebenezer Guild

Birth of Daughter: 18 JAN 1660
Name: Elizabeth Guild

Birth of Son: 25 MAY 1664
Name: Benjamen Guild

Will: 02 MAR 1638/39
Note: Roger Crooke gave daughters Mary, Rebecca, and Ruth the lease of a house in his undated will (proved 2 March 1638/9), he did not mention a daughter Elizabeth. Possibly Elizabeth had gone to New England. Elizabeth was of Roxbury at the time of her marriage, and transferred to the church at Dedham on July 4,1649.

Death: 04 OCT 1682 Dedham, Massachusetts

Burial: Old Village Cemetery, Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts

Parents are unknown


Elizabeth Crooke

Born: possibly Roxbury
Note: Elizabeth’s sister, Rebecca, lived in Roxbury and Elizabeth transferred her church membership from Roxbury to Dedham after her marriage.

Baptism: 19 JUL 1618 at St. Clement Danes, Hammersmith, Middlesex Co, England

Note: Her origins are not clear. Some family traditions hold that she was an Anglicized Native American, but this has not been proven.

Death: 31 AUG 1669

Parents are unknown – possibly Roger and Sarah Crooke of Hammersmith, Middlesex Co, England.

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