Birth: 28 MAY 1648  Hingham, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts

Birth of Daughter: Joanna Sprague

Birth of Son:  ABT 1672
Name: Jonathan Sprague

Note: 1672
Details:  Jonathan went from Hingham to Mendon, Rhode Island in 1672 to live near his brother, John Sprague and his father-in-law, William Holbrook.

Birth of Daughter: 1674
Name: Patience Sprague

Note: 1675
Details:  His father died and left him 60 acres in Providence.

Note:  1687
Details: His ratable estate was 2 oxen, 6 cows, 2 mares, horse, 18 sheep, 8 acres planting ground and six acres meadow.

Note: 13 DEC 1687
Details: Fined for refusing jury duty.

Note:  02 JUL 1695
Details:  He was appointed on a committee by the Assembly to propose a method of making rate; also with others to run the eastern line of the Colony.

Deputy: 1695/6, 1698, 1700, 1702-11 and 1714.

Justice of the Peace: 1702

Speaker of the House of Deputies: 1703

Note: 22 JUN 1703
Details: He and two others were appointed to draw up a method and proceedings of the Court of Common Pleas

Town Council: 1705-12

Clerk of the Assembly: 1707

Was taxed: 16 JUN 1713

Note:  13 MAY 1719
Details:  He made an agreement with his sons-in-law William Jenckes, John Tefft, and Daniel Brown, deeding them his house and all lands in exchange for maintaining him for life and he to have choice of son-in-law to live with. They were to maintain his horse also.

Land Rec: 09 NOV 1719
Details:  Deeded to his son-in-law Ebenezer Cook certain land.

Note: 23 FEB 1722
Details: Wrote a long letter to three prominent Presbyterian ministers in Massachusetts, John Danforth, Peter Thatcher, and Joseph Belcher in answer to one they had addressed to him and other citizens concerning the establishment of a church in Providence. Mr. Sprague and other Baptists failed to see the necessity of a Presbyterian church and in his letter gave his views in very vigorous and unmistakable terms.

Religion: He preached as an exhorter but was never ordained.

Death:  01 MAR 1741  Smithfield Twp, Providence Co, Rhode Island

Burial: Sprague-Dexter Cemetery, Lincoln, Providence Co, Rhode Island
Details:  In memory of Jonathan Sprague Esq who deceased March ye. 1741 in y. 93d year of his age.

Click here to see parents:  William Sprague and Millicent Eames

Mehitable Holbrook     

Birth:  29 JUN 1649  Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts

Death:  07 JAN 1710  Smithfield, Providence Co, Rhode Island

Burial: Sprague-Dexter Cemetery, Lincoln, Providence Co, Rhode Island
Details:  In memory of Mehitable w/o Jonathan Sprague who died  1710 in her 62d year of her age.

parents:  William Holbrook and Elizabeth Pitts

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