Birth: 13 MAR 1638  Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts

Religion: Was a deacon

Founder:  1658
Place:  New London, Connecticut

Land Rec: FEB 1659
Details:  In the February previous to his marriage, Joshua removed to New London and purchased a house and lot, corner of Parade and Bank streets, which remained thereafter in the Raymond family for 150 years

Marriage:  10 DEC 1659  to Elizabeth Smith

Birth of Son: 18 SEP 1660
Name:  Joshua Raymond
Place: New London, Connecticut

Land Rec: FEB 1661/62
Details: He was granted land south of the Fort on the water side.

Birth of Daughter: 24 MAY 1662
Name:  Elizabeth Raymond
Place: New London, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter: 12 MAY 1664
Name:  Anne Raymond
Place: New London, Connecticut

Note: 1664
Details:  He is said to have been in Norwalk in 1664, and in October of the same year at Saybrook

Birth of Daughter: 08 AUG 1668
Name:  Hannah Raymond
Place: Norwich, New London, Connecticut

Note:  In 1668 he with James Avery and Dan’l Wetherell advanced the £15 which the town had agreed to pay the Indian chief Uncas from the Sachem tribe for certain lands in settlement of boundary claims. They were each indemnified by the town with 200 acres of land. Mr. Raymond is believed to have been the second person who built on this Indian land at ” Mohegan Fields.” ” The house stood in a commanding position on the west side of the road to Norwich, eight miles from New London.” This homestead remained in possession of the family 175 years, and at one time included 1,000 acres lying together about it.

Birth of Son: 07 APR 1670
Name:  Richard Raymond
Place: New London, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter: 12 MAR 1672
Name:  Mary Raymond
Place: New London, Connecticut

Note:  1672
Details:  A company of forty horsemen was organized; this was the first company of troopers in the county. Joshua Raymond was the Cornet, and is occasionally alluded to on the town records as Cornet Raymond, a title which was quite as familiar as that of captain or lieutenant.  He was later made commissary.

Note:   He built a homestead on the road between New London & Norwich that was passed on to his son, Joshua Jr.

Military:  1675
Details:  He was appointed Commissary of the force of 70 men including Pequot and Mohecan Indian allies.

Military:  DEC 1675
Details:  Found in the “Great Swamp Fight” of the Narragansett War

Death: 24 APR 1676  New London, Connecticut
Note:  His death may have been as a result of wounds he received during the Great Swamp Fight .

Burial:  Ancient Cemetery, New London, New London Co, Connecticut

Click here to see parents:   Richard Raymond and Judith Williams

Elizabeth Smith     

Birth: ABT 1645  New Haven, Connecticut

Baptized:  22 FEB 1645/6
Place:  First Church

Note:  It is said that Mrs. Joshua Raymond entertained Captain Kidd at her house for some time.  It is said but not universally believed that when the blithesome pirate left her hospitable roof he filled her apron full of gold, jewelry, and costly plunder.    

Note: 1676
Details:  Made administratrix of her husband’s estate on Block Island.

Note:  10 OCT 1678
Details: The General Assembly empowered the widow to “pass over” to Oliver Manwaring a house and land which her husband had bought for him, and for which he had received payment, though he had not completed the transaction at the time of his death. Manwaring was his brother-in-law.

2nd Marriage:  26 JAN 1681  to George Dennis

Death:  01 MAY 1712  Thetford, Orange Co, Vermont

Burial:  Ancient Cemetery, New London, New London Co, Connecticut

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