Birth:  17 JUN 1624  Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts

1st Marriage: to Alice Richards

Birth of Son: 20 FEB 1652
Name: John Bradford

Birth of Son: 11 MAR 1654
Name: William Bradford

Birth of Son: 1657
Name: Thomas Bradford

Birth of Daughter: 1659
Name: Alice Bradford

Birth of Daughter: 02 SEP 1660 (baptized)
Name: Mercy Bradford

Birth of Daughter: 09 MAY 1662
Name: Hannah Bradford

Birth of Daughter: 01 NOV 1664
Name: Meletiah Bradford

Birth of Son: 1668
Name: Samuel Bradford

Birth of Daughter: 1669
Name: Mary Bradford

Birth of Daughter: 1671
Name: Sarah Bradford

2nd Marriage: to Sarah ? widow of Francis Griswold

Military: Often known as “Major William Bradford” because he commanded the Plymouth forces in the fight against the Narragansett in King Philip’s war. He was wounded by a musket ball which he carried the rest of his life.

Birth of Son: 18 APR 1675
Name: Joseph Bradford

3rd Marriage: to Mary Atwood widow of John Holmes

Birth of Son: 18 APR 1677
Name: Isreal Bradford

Deputy Governor: 1682-1686, 1689-1692
Place:  Plymouth, Massachusetts

Birth of Son: 1685
Name: Ephraim Bradford

Birth of Son: BEF 1687
Name: David Bradford

Birth of Son: BEF 1687
Name: Hezekiah Bradford

Note:  1687-1689
Details:  He was the Councillor of State to Gov. Sir Edmund Andros during the interim, 1687-1689.

Note: 1714
Details: Later in life, William built a house in Kingston, MA that was passed down to his oldest son, Major John Bradford, and is now a museum, known as the Bradford House. Also passed down to John, was the manuscript Of Plymouth Plantation which was written by Gov. William Bradford

Will:  29 JUN 1703
Details:  Bradford wrote his will June 29, 1703, he died Feb. 20, 1703/4, his small moveable inventory was taken Feb. 28, 1703/4, his will probated Mar. 10, 1703/4 and recorded Mar. 29, 1704. Per the old Julian calendar then in use in England and the American colonies. (Info. provided by Don Blauvelt 8/10/15)

Death:  20 FEB 1703  Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts

Burial: Burial Hill, Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts

Click here to see parents:  William Bradford and Alice Carpenter

Great great grandparents to Noah Webster

Alice Richards   

Birth: 16 JUN 1627  Pitminster, Somerset, England

1st Marriage: to Thomas Hinckley

Death: 12 DEC 1671  Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts

Click here to see parents:  Thomas Richards and Welthian Loring

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