Birth:  26 AUG 1623  Essex, England

Immigration: 1635
Details:  Thomas Barnes arrived on the ship William and John with 101 passengers that landed in Boston.

Note:  1636
Details:  Became a proprietor of Hartford, Connecticut – He was only 13 years old.  Could this be his father?

Military:  1637
Details:  Was a soldier in the Pequot Battle of 1637

Land Rec:  1639
Details:  Thomas Barnes received 6 acres in Hartford from the Colony for his service in the battle.

Note: 1644
Place: New Haven, Connecticut
Details:  Signed the Connecticut colony constitution.  He was too young to sign the original colony constitution of 1639. But, his name appears as a signer, in July, 1644, to the revised and enlarged constitution.

Note:  He is often called “Thomas of New Haven” to distinguish him from other Thomas Barnes’ of the era.

Settled:  1646
Place:  Farmington, Connecticut
Details:  Settled with the first party.  Farmington at this early period included the territory of Southington, New Britain, Plainville, Bristol, Burlington, and Avon of the present day. He resided in Farmington until his death.

1st Marriage: to Mary Andrews

Birth of Daughter:  Mercy Barnes

Birth of Daughter:  Martha Barnes

Birth of Daughter:  28 MAY 1650
Name: Elizabeth Barnes

Military:  1651
Details:  Sergeant of Farmington Train Band

Birth of Son: 01 JUN 1651
Name:  John Barnes

Birth of Son: 26 AUG 1653
Name:  Thomas Barnes

Birth of Daughter:  11 JAN 1656
Name: Abigail Barnes

Birth of Son: 29 AUG 1659
Name:  Daniel Barnes

Birth of Son:  25 JAN 1663
Name: Mabee Barnes

2nd Marriage: to Elizabeth ?

Land Rec:  1671
Details:  Received 50 acres in Farmington for his service in the Pequot War

Will:  25 FEB 1683

Death:  10 JUN 1691  Middletown, Middlesex Co, Connecticut

parents are unknown

Mary Andrews     


Death:  1676

parents are unknown

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