Birth: 1609   Upway, Dorsetshire, England

Immigration:  1628
Details: William Sprague immigrated to America in 1628 with his two brothers, Ralph and Richard on the ship “Abigail”, with Governor Endicott and landed at Salem on September 6, 1628. Ralph became a Lieutenant and Richard a Captain. The brothers were the first settlers of Charleston and are buried there.

Note:   In 1629, the three brothers were listed as settlers of Charlestown

Occupation: Yeoman, which is a farmer who owns his own land

Marriage:  BEF 1635

Birth of Son:  1635
Name:  Anthony Sprague

Land Rec:  In 1636, he was granted land on Union Street in Hingham, MA.
Details:  He and his father-in-law obtained grants of land in Hingham and removed there, where he continued to live (except at one time he appears as a resident of Milford, MA)  His house lot, on Union St. “over the river” was said to be the pleasantest lot in Hingham.

Birth of Son:  1638
Name:  John Sprague

Birth of Son:  1640
Name:  Samuel Sprague

Birth of Daughter:  1644
Name:  Joanna Sprague

Note: He was a Selectman in 1645 and later a Constable and collector of taxes.

Birth of Son:  28 MAY 1648
Name: Jonathan Sprague

Land Rec: 28 March 1651
Details: Thomas Hammond of Hingham, planter, sold to William Sprague of Hingham “my now dwelling house in the town of Hingham with my house lot containing five acres more or less … with a parcel of fresh meadow … likewise a great lot containing twenty acres more or less”

Note: 1662. Constable and Collector of town rates

Land Rec: 1673
Details:  “William Sprague Senior of Hingham … yeoman … in consideration of the fatherly good will, favor and affection which I … have … towards my well beloved son William Sprague … confirm unto the said William Sprague my youngest son … several lots of land and houses … all my houselot containing five acres of land … which I lately purchased of Thomas Hammond … and another house lot containing four acres of land … given me by the said town of Hingham … also a parcel of fresh meadow containing one acre … and another parcel of fresh meadow containing one acre [granted by the town] … and half an acre of fresh meadow … given me by the said town of Hingham and a parcel of salt marsh containing three acres … and the fifty-ninth lot of the second division and the eleventh lot in the third division … six shares of … perpetual common and my great lot containing fourteen acres of land … given to me by the said town … that the said William Sprague Senior and Mellesaint his now wife shall stand and be seized of the one half of the said dwelling house wherein they now do dwell … during the term of their natural lives” and for William Jr. to pay William and Millecent or the longer liver of them £10 per year and fodder for a cow and fire wood

Will:  19 OCT 1675
Details: Proved 10 November 1675, “W[illia]m Sprague Senior of Hingham” bequeathed to “Millisaint Sprague my loving wife the sum of ten pounds in money & one cow and one house,” along with ten pounds per annum during her natural life to be paid by “my son W[illia]m Sprague” in accordance with a deed of gift already made to the said William;

– to “Millisaint my said wife thirty & five pounds which is due from me by my son Anthony Sprague” at the rate of five pounds per annum, and if she die before the full amount is paid, the balance to be divided equally “amongst all my children hereafter named that is to say my son Anthoney Sprage, my son Sam[ue]ll Sprage, my son W[illia]m Sprage, my daughter Persis Dogget the wife of Jno. Dogget, Johanna Church the wife of Caleb Church & Mary King the wife of Tho[mas] King”;

– to “Millisaint my said wife” a selection of moveables; to “my son W[illia]m Sprage” two steers and a cow and all other cattle not already bequeathed to be divided among children named above;
– to “Anthony Sprage my eldest son my sword which was my brother Richard Sprague’s” and other moveables;
– to “my son Jno. Sprage a piece of salt marsh lying at Liford’s Liking River in Hingham containing two acres & a half … which was given me by the town of Hingham” and some moveables “which with a neck of upland called Sprague’s Island lying by the aforesaid meadow which I formerly gave to him I judge a sufficient portion for him”;
– to “my son Samuell Sprague my cloth coat which was my brother’s & one of my biggest pewter platters”;

– to “my son Jonathan Sprage threescore acres of land lying in the bounds of the township of Providence in New England which I lately purchased of John Dexter”; wife Millicent to be sole executor [SPR 6:106].

Death:  26 OCT 1675   Hingham, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts

Inventory: The inventory of the estate of “W[illia]m Sprague Senior who deceased the 26 day of October 1675,” taken 3 November 1675, was untotalled and included £47 in real estate: “two acres & a half of salt marsh lying in Hingham by Lyford’s Liking River,” £35; and “threescore acres of land lying in the township of Providence in New England,” £12 [SPR 5:275-77].

Click here to see parents:  Edward Sprague and Christiana Holland

Millicent Eames     

Birth: 1615

Religion: 03 APR 1635
Details: Millicent Sprague was admitted to Charlestown church

Death: 09 February 1695/6   Hingham, Massachusetts

Click here to see parents: are Anthony Eames and Margery Pierce

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