Born: 1610 

Immigration: 21 MAY 1635 from England to St. Christopher, and soon after settled at a place known as Hashamomuck and Nashayonsuck that he bought from a Amahansuch Indian named Pauhamp, with his son Ambuscow, agreeing to it. Hashamomuck, Long Island is near Southhold, Suffolk, Long Island, New York.

1st Marriage: 1642 Katherine Sinderland
Note: William married the widow of Matthew Sinderland, who was a Mariner, and had four children.

Birth of Son: ABT 1642
Name: William Salmon

Birth of Son: BEF 1646
Name: John Salmon

2nd Marriage: to Sarah (Horton) Curtis

Death:  13 MAY 1657  Southold, Suffolk Co, New York

Burial: Old Burying Ground of First Presbyterian Church, Southold, Suffolk Co, New York

Will: 19 MAR 1666 Will was probated

Parents are Christopher Salmon and Sarah ?

He later married Sarah Horton and had two children. From a book The Salmon Family Genealogy And History compiled by Edwin A. Baldwin, printed in 1900 by the Salmon Family Association, Mount Olive, New Jersey; published in Seven Lakes, North Carolina by the Harris Publishing Co. ,Inc. Copy is in poss. of MJP Salmon, as a reference to much information regarding the part of the Salmon Family that is pertinent to us, and begins with “We shall start with the one source which seems unimpeachable, and brings us at least as far as St. Christopher (St. Kitts) Island in the Lesser Antilles. In the original lists of Persons of Quality who went from Great Britain to the American Plantations”.

We find that William Salmon age 25, left England 21 May 1635 in the Matahew of London;… In the same book is listed the fact that Peter Salmon, age 20, Sailed for St. Christopher 13 Oct 1635; he may have been a younger brother to William. William was the member of a group from the Summer Isles (Bermuda) who went adventuring in 1636 to the Chowan (Indian) country (North Carolina) for spirits resin (turpentine). There they met … Matthew Sinderland, a Mariner from boston Massachusetts. Salmon and some of his associates threw in with Sinderland and returned with him to Long Island … William Salmon acquired a home lot in Southold, Long Island where he plied his Blacksmith trade … Sinderland, who was married to Cathrine Curtice, … died intestate and childless about 1642 … William Salmon married the widow Kathrine soon thereafter, about 1643, and moved in with her at Hashamomuck, nqw part of Long Island, New York.

Katherine Curtice

1st Marriage: to Matthew Sinderland

Parents are unknown

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