Birth:  1793  Georgia, Franklin Co, Vermont

Military: May have served in the war of 1812.
Place:  Hannibal, Oswego Co, New York
Note:  A Levi and an Alanson Blodgett also served in this war.

Marriage:  06 MAY 1821

Birth of Son: 29 DEC 1822
Name:  Valentine Blodgett

Birth of Son: ABT 1825
Name:  Alonzo Blodgett
Place:  Hannibal, Oswego Co, New York

Birth of Son: ABT 1829
Name:  Alvin Blodgett

1830 Census:  Hannibal, Oswego Co, New York

1840 Census:  Sheffield, Lorain Co, Ohio
Details:  Males = 1 age 5-10, 1 age 10-15, 1 age 15-20, 1 age 40-50, Females 1 age 10-15, 1 age 30-40 – All of the ages are right on except there is an extra daughter I am unaware of and his youngest son might have been born a couple of years later than I have above.

1850 Census:  17 AUG 1850
Place:  Pittsfield, Lorain Co, Ohio
Note:  Wife, Dianna, is also in household.

1860 Census:  16 AUG 1860
Place:  Otisco Twp, Ionia Co, Michigan
Note:  Wife, Dianna, and son Alvin’s family are living in household.

1870 Census: Algoma, Kent Co, Michigan
Note:  He and wife, Dianna, are living in son Alvin’s household.

Death:  31 AUG 1872 Sand Lake, Kent Co, Michigan

parents are Sardius Blodgett and Sabra Wheeler

Dianna Burras  

Birth:  06 OCT 1801  New York

1880 Census: Kent Co, Michigan
Note: Living with relative.  Ziba does not live with her.

1884 Census: Kent Co, Michigan
Note: Living with son Alvin’s wife, Melissa, and Melissa’s new husband.

Death:  06 NOV 1883  Oxford Twp, Oakland Co, Michigan

parents are William Hadrick Burras and Abigail Jeffries

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