Birth:  04 NOV 1748 Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Name Var:  Garn
Note:  In Germany the surname was spelled Gern and was pronounced much like the name Garn is today. In America the spelling was subject to the interpretation of public officials, often with English backgrounds, who recorded the names as they heard them. As a result, there were many variations of the spelling in the early 1800s. Over time various branches of the family standardized the spelling, settling on Garn, Garnes, Garns, and even Carn. – Lynn Garn

Marriage: 24 JAN 1775 in Kürnbach, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany to Barbara Hauser

Birth of Son:  16 AUG 1780
Name:  John Garn

Birth of Daughter:  17 MAY 1784
Name:  Johanna Christiana Garnes

Immigration:  1785

Birth of Son:  19 AUG 1788
Name:  John Adam Garn

Birth of Daughter:  APR 1790
Name:  Christena Garn

Birth of Son:  1793
Name:  Jacob Garn

Birth of Son:  09 APR 1795
Name:  Samuel Garns

Death:  ABT 1810 Guilford, Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Burial: probably Grindstone Hill Cemetery, Chambersburg, Franklin Co, Pennsylvania
Note:  No grave marker has been found for him in the cemetery. However, he undoubtedly was buried in the cemetery because there is considerable evidence that his wife Barbara was buried there. See his wife’s biography at the link below for evidence that places the family in Guliford Twp, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and their association with the Grindstone Hill Evangelical Lutheran Church.  – Lynn Garn

Click here to see parents:  Johann Adam Gern and Anna Maria Arnold

Barbara Hauser

Birth:  18 OCT 1752 Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Christened: 19 OCT 1752 at the Evangelisch in Kürnbach, Germany

Name Var:  Christina Barbara Hauser
Note: Barbara’s formal name when born in Germany was Christina Barbara Hauser, sometimes also written as Hausser. Because of German naming conventions in use at the time, few people would have known her by that name. She would have been known as Barbara Hauser or Barbara Gern after marrying.

Note: This Barbara Gern is undoubtedly the Barbara Gern who was the wife of Conrad Gern, who can be proved to have lived in Guilford Twp., Franklin County. Their grandson, Jonathan Kahl, son of their daughter Christina Gern and husband John Kahl, was christened in 1819 by the minister of the Grindstone Hill Evangelical Lutheran Church. Conrad and Barbara’s granddaughter, Catharine Garn, daughter of Conrad and Barbara Gern’s son Adam Garn, was reported in an 1880 history of Ashland County, Ohio, (p. 332) to have been born around 1823 in Guilford Twp., Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Their son Samuel Garns lived in nearby Peters Twp., Franklin County, Pennsylvania, from before 1840 until his death in 1880. And in 1804 or before their son John married Susan Smith, daughter of George Smith who was buried in the same cemetery. Therefore, we are convinced the Barbara Gern that was reported to have been buried in the Grindstone Hill Cemetery is the wife of Conrad Gern.

Death:  12 OCT 1827  Guilford, Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Burial: Grindstone Hill Cemetery, Chambersburg, Franklin Co, Pennsylvania
Note:  A grave stone and inscription for a Barbara Gern, who died on the date shown above, are reported in records of the Grindstone Hill Cemetery or Solomon’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, as it is also known. It is not clear when the grave markers and inscriptions were recorded. The book in which they appear, Tombstone Inscriptions of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Vol. 12, Guilford Township, by John F. W. Pflueger, was printed in 1986 and may be found at the Franklin County Historical Society in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Our attempts to find her grave marker in the cemetery were unsuccessful. There are many very old markers with German inscriptions that are quite weathered and hard to read. Undoubtedly Barbara’s grave marker is one of those. However, to date we have not identified which marker belongs to her.  – Lynn Garn

parents are Christoph Hauser and Catharina Regina Gunther