Birth:  07 MAR 1714  Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Birth of Son:  03 MAR 1738
Name:  John Garn

Birth of Son:  04 NOV 1748
Name:  Conrad Gern

Name Var:  Because of German naming customs in use at the time, he would have been known as Adam Gern.

Death:  11 SEP 1782  Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Burial:  probably Kürnbach Cemetery, Kürnbach, Karlsruher Landkreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Note:  He was born and died in Kürnbach, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, according to records at the Kürnbach Evangelical Lutheran Church. He undoubtedly was buried in or near Kürnbach. His grave site has not been found. At one time there was a cemetery attached to the church. However the cemetery was removed and the area terraced long ago. Today the cemetery is on the edge of the village.

Burial customs in Germany are considerably different than in the United States. Grave sites in Germany are rented, typically for 20 years and are then reused. Therefore, it is unlikely that his grave site will ever be located.  – Lynn Garn

parents are unknown

Anna Maria Arnold

Birth:  18 FEB 1711 Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Name Var:  Because of German naming customs in use at the time, she would have been known as Maria Arnold or Maria Gern after her marriage.

Death:  11 FEB 1779  Baden-Württemberg, Germany

parents are unknown

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