Birth: ABT 1626/27 Pulborough, Horsham District, West Sussex, England

Baptism: 28 JAN 1626/7 at St Mary the Virgin Parish Church in Billinghurst, England.

Moved to: Eastham
Note: He is mentioned in records as “among the earliest settlers, with Governor Prence.”

Marriage: 13 FEB 1649/50 in Eastham, Massachusetts

Land Rec: 30 DEC 1649/50
Note: Jonathan Fish of Sandwich deeded to him lands at “Skauton Neck in Sandwich, called by the Indians Arquidneck.” On the same date, Thomas Dexter conveyed to him “lands at Ploughed, or Skauton Neck, next to the lands of Edmond Freeman Sr., Gent., said lands formerly belonging to Edward Wallaston, late inhabitant of Sandwich.”

Birth of Son: 02 FEB 1650
Name: John Freeman
Note: Died in infancy

Religion: Through a long course of years he was a deacon of the Eastham Church.

Military: He was somewhat conspicuous in the military, doing service in the Indian wars. Referred to in public records as Lieutenant, Captain, and later Major.

Birth of Son: DEC 1651
Name: John Freeman
Place: Eastham

Birth of Son: SEP 1653
Name: Thomas Freeman

Office Held: 1654
Note: He was many years prominent in public affairs and has to this day been regarded as “one of the fathers of Eastham.” In 1654 he was Deputy for 8 years.

Birth of Daughter: Patience Freeman

Birth of Daughter: Hannah Freeman

Birth of Son: JUN 1657
Name: Edmund Freeman

Birth of Daughter: JUL 1659
Name: Mercy Freeman

Birth of Son: ABT 1600
Name: William Freeman

Office Held: 1663
Note: Selectman for 10 years

Birth of Son: 03 FEB 1665/6
Name: Prince Freeman
Note: Died young

Office Held: 1666
Note: Assistant in the Government for several years

Birth of Son: 20 MAR 1669
Name: Nathaniel Freeman

Birth of Daughter: 07 MAR 1670/1
Name: Bennet Freeman

Land Rec: 1676
Note: Through life he was a large landholder. The sachem of Satucket, now West Brewster, conveyed to him, i.e., “John Sr. of E” certain lands and these were reconveyed by him, in 1696, to his son John of H.

Land Rec: 1691
Note: The town of Eastham mortgaged to Mr. John Freeman two islands as security for the payment of 76 pounds, it being the town’s proportion of the expenses of obtaining the new charter from England.”

Land Rec: 1695
Note: Another deed from him was made of “lands which belonged to my father Prence and Bradford – lands which belonged to their purchase-grant.”

Office Held: 07 DEC 1692
Note: Appointed to the Bench of the Court of Common Pleas.

Will: 01 JUN 1716

Death: 28 OCT 1719 Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Burial:  Cove Burying Ground  EasthamBarnstable CountyMassachusetts
Note: “Here lies the body of Major John Freeman who died Oct 28, 1719 in the 98th year of his age.” (His age carved on the stone is thought to be an error.)

Will Proven: 04 NOV 1719
Note: It mentions the “eldest son” then living “executor” and also “son Edmond, Nathaniel, youngest son”, grandson William, sons John Mayo and John Paine, daughters Mary Knowles, Hannah Mayo, Patience Paine, Rebecca Freeman widow of Thomas, and granddaughter Lydia Godfrey. The will provides “freedom for my Negroes,” with “four acres of land, a horse, and a cow” and showing commendable regard for the comfort of the emancipated, says, “I desire my children to put them in such a way that they may not want.” An “agreement of heirs” is recorded, signed 29 JAN 1719/20 by “John, Nathaniel, Samuel, and Mary Knowles, John and Hannah Mayo, Patience Paine, John Paine, Sarah Freeman widow of Edmond, Isaac eldest son of Edmond, Thomas Gross for Experience, daughter of Edmond, Isaac Doane for Ruth daughter of Edmond, Samuel Hinckley for Mary daughter of Edmond, Ebenezer son of Edmond, Jonathan Snow for Thankful daughter of Edmond, Thomas Cobb for Mercy daughter of Edmond, Isaac Pepper for Elizabeth daughter of Edmond, and by Daniel Cole.”

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Mercy Prence

Birth: 1631 Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Death: 28 SEP 1711 Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Burial:  Cove Burying Ground  EasthamBarnstable CountyMassachusetts
Note: “Here lies buried the body of Mercy Freeman, wife to Major John Freeman, who died Sept 28, 1711.

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