Birth: DEC 1651

1st Marriage: to Sarah Merrick, daughter of William Merrick

Birth of Son: 03 SEP 1674
Name: John Freeman
Place: Eastham
Note: Died in 1674

Birth of Daughter: SEP 1676
Name: Sarah Freeman

Birth of Son: JUL 1678
Name: John Freeman

Birth of Daughter: 28 JAN 1680/81
Name: Rebecca Freeman

Birth of Son: 17 MAR 1682/3
Name: Nathaniel Freeman

Birth of Son: JUL 1685
Name: Benjamin Freeman

Birth of Daughter: 03 AUG 1687
Name: Mercy Freeman

Birth of Daughter: Patience Freeman

Birth of Daughter: Susanna Freeman

Birth of Daughter: Elizabeth Freeman

Birth of Daughter: Mary Freeman


2nd Marriage: to Mercy Hedge Watson, the widow of Captain Elkanah Watson of Plymouth who drowned at sea, 1690

Religion: 17 OCT 1700
Note: Was one of the eight persons who constituted the original Church in Harwich.

Will: 02 APR 1721

Death: 27 JUL 1721

Burial: Old Burying Ground  BrewsterBarnstable CountyMassachusetts

Will Proven: 10 AUG 1721
Note: Mentions “my wife Mercy, sons John, Nathaniel, and Benjamin, my daughters Sarah Snow, Pate. Crosby, Susanna Mayo, and Elizabeth Freeman, the children of my daughter Mercy Foster dec., the male children of my daughter Mary Berry deceased” and a “daughter of Berry, Sarah Gray” and a son of Edward Gray, late of Yarm deceased.”

It may be noted, as perhaps a contribution in aid of future investigations, that the will designates “the lot originally belonging to my brother Thomas and myself, and now one-half in possession of Joseph, as my sons John, Nathaniel, and Benjamin have divided it” also “land that was Jonathan’s descendants, now in possession of Hatsuld” and “lands which I hold in partnership with Micaijah Snow and John King.” It also mentions “Mrs. Rebecca Freeman, widow of my brother Thomas, deceased.”

Click here to see parents: John Freeman and Mercy Prence

Sarah Merrick

Birth: 01 AUG 1654 Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Death: 21 APR 1696 Harwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Parents are unknown

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