Birth: 03 MAR 1745/46 in Exeter, Washington Co, Rhode Island

1st Marriage: 1766 to Mary ?

Birth of Son: 05 JAN 1767
Name: Nathan Moon
Place: Vermont

Birth of Son: 1773
Name: Amos Moon

Birth of Son: 1775
Name: Abner Moon

Birth of Son: 18 DEC 1777
Name: Moses Moon

2nd Marriage: 19 Dec 1782 to Lydia Bly Stephentown, Rennsaelaer County, New York

Birth of Son: 14 APR 1784
Name: Almond Moon

Birth of Daughter: 15 JUN 1785
Name: Matilda Moon

Birth of Daughter: 1787
Name: Sarah Moon
Place: Rutland, Vermont

Birth of Child: 1789
Name: ? Moon

1790 Census: Rutland, Vermont
Note: Thomas Moon living with wife, five boys and three girls.

Birth of Son: 1791
Name: David Moon

Birth of Son: 1793
Name: Barney Moon

Birth of Son: 14 MAR 1794
Name: Silas Moon

3rd Marriage: Abt 1 Jan 1798 to Deborah Hoxie Exeter, Washington Co, Rhode Island

1800 Census:  Ballston, Saratoga Co, New York

1820 Census:  Charlton, Saratoga Co, New York

1830 Census: Galway, Saratoga Co, New York

Death: 17 SEP 1834 in Machias, Cattaraugus Co, New York

Burial: Brewer Cemetery, Machias, Cattaraugus Co, New York

Click here to see parents: Ebenezer Moon and Elizabeth Dake.

When Thomas was a young man he left R.I. and went north to Vermont after selling his share of the inheritance from his father’s estate to his brother, Ebenezer. Vermont was governed by New York at this time and Albany County records list him as serving in the Revolutionary War in the 6th regiment of Albany County, New York Militia. In 1780 Thomas lived in Bennington, Albany Co., New York that later became Bennington County, Vermont. He bought 170 and 1/2 acres of land for 252 pounds and 8 shillings. Thomas later sold 100 and 1/2 of his acres, then listed in Rutland Co., Vermont for 180 pounds. There is no record of the other 70 acres. Sometimes later Thomas lived in Swanton, Franklin County where he listed as a cloth manufacturer owning a loom that handled 250 yards of wool and 140 yards of linen. This was called a cottage industry.

Weaving cloth, along with other products made in England, was discouraged until after the Revolutionary War when cottage industries became very important. In 1810 Thomas and his family moved to Lyons settlement in Wayne County, New York. By 1830 his wife had died and Thomas lived in Arcadia in Wayne County. Later he moved to Cattaugarus County, New York with his son, Almond and family. Thomas was aged 88 when he died and was buried in Brewer Cemetery near Machias with his sons family. (source is [email protected])

Lydia Bly

Birth: 27 Jan 1765 in North Kingstown, Washington Co, Rhode Island

Death: 19 Aug 1796 in Galway, Saratoga Co, New York

Burial: Jersey Hill Cemetery, Galway, New York

Parents are: John Bly and Eunice ?

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