Birth: 06 APR 1783 Middletown, Middlesex Co, Connecticut

Occupation: Farmer
Date: AFT 1800
Marriage: BETWEEN 1800 AND 1818 Vermont
Military: 1812
Place: Vermont
Note: Served in the War of 1812.

Lived in: AFT 1812
Place: Sheldon Twp, Genessee Co, New York

Birth of Son: abt 1818
Name: John Wasson

Birth of Daughter: abt 1818
Name: Clarissa Wasson

1820 Census:  Attica, Genessee Co, New York

Birth of Son: 17 FEB 1821
Name: Myron H. Wasson

1830 Census:  Sheldon Twp, Genessee Co, New York

Birth of Daughter: Polly Wasson

Lived in: JUN 1837
Place: 214 acres near Plainfield, Unadilla Twp, Livingston Co, MI
Note: The log cabin was one mile from the nearest neighbor. He was able to pay for the land, a team of horses and a yoke of oxen with money left over.

Note: Samuel Wasson settled northeast of Plainfield in 1837. The old farm is divided between his two sons, Myron and John, who
reside upon it. Mr. Wasson came from a locality about thirty
miles from Buffalo, New York.

Religion: 01 JUN 1838
Place: Helped form Presbyterian Church at Plainfield
Note: Was a Deacon and an Elder. He would supply the sermon in the absence of a minister.

1840 Census: Unadilla Twp, Livingston Co, Michigan, USA

1850 Census: 06 AUG 1850
Place: Unadilla Twp, Livingston Co, Michigan, USA
Note: Wife, Sarah, also living in household. Occupation = Farmer. Value of Real Estate Owned = $2,000.

Death: 20 JAN 1855
Note: Aged 72 years 2 months 14 days

Burial: Plainfield Cemetery, Livingston Co, Michigan

Click to see parents: John Wasson and Amea Turner

Note: Samuel Wasson, a Vermont farmer, who did valued service as a soldier in the War of 1812. And his father was one of Washington’s troops in the War of the American Revolution. Samuel Wasson was united in marriage with Sarah Moon, daughter of Thomas Moon, a Rutland, Vermont farmer who passed his later years in Cattaraugus County, New York. Samuel and Sarah were married in Vermont and removed to New York, where they lived a number of years. Then they removed to Michigan in June, 1837, making their home on an unbroken tract of 214 acres of Unadilla Twp, Livingston County. Their log house was a distance of 1 mile from their neighbor, a Mr. Beale, who kept the post office at Plainfield. There were then no roads except as the pathway was marked out by blazed trees between this pioneer home and Dexter. Two log houses were at that time used as hotels in this vicinity one being kept by Mr. Dunn and another by Mr. Dyer. This early settler began life here with more means than many of his neighbors as he was able to pay for his and to provide himself with a team of horses and a yoke of oxen and had some money still remaining for the necessities of life. It is now thirty-five years since he passed away from this life at the age of 72 years, and his good wife who survived his for 3 years died at the same age. Of the eleven children of this worthy couple, three are now living: John, Myron, and Polly (Mrs. House). Samuel and Sarah were possessed of genuine Christian character and were charter members of the Presbyterian Church of Plainfield, where Mr. Wasson was a Deacon and Elder for many years and often supplied the pulpit by reading a sermon when no clergyman could be obtained. He was an old-line Whig and a man who was deeply interested in both temperance and education.

Sarah Moon

Birth: 1787 Rutland, Vermont

Lived in: JUN 1837
Place: Unadilla Twp, Livingston Co, Michigan

Event: Date: AFT 1837
Note: Presbyterian Church of Plainfield

Death: 03 JAN 1859

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