Birth: ABT 1642 Stamford, Fairfield Co, Connecticut

Illness: 1676
Details: Seriously ill from an unspecified sickness in the summer of 1676, he recovered, although his brother John Newman and their father William Newman died that same year.

Occupation: A farmer, he owned serially seven home lots in central Stamford in addition to many properties in the outlying areas.

Land: During his bachelorhood and early married years, his first house and 1.25-acre home lot were situated on the north side of the Country Road in Stamford, at the present-day junction of West Park Place and Main Street, now transected from north to south by Summer Street (41.053686, -73.540792). The property was willed to him by his father on 18 August 1676 and sold by Thomas Newman on 4 January 1681/82.

Birth of Son: 1680
Name: John Newman

Land: On 4 January 1681/82, Thomas Newman purchased a quarter-acre home lot opposite the Stamford Burying Ground and his grandfather’s former home lot (41.053116, -73.543017). This property was sold on 1 March 1686/87.

Birth of Daughter: 1686
Name: Elizabeth Newman

Land: On 4 March 1686/87, Thomas Newman purchased a 1.5-acre home lot on the north side of East Street, later called Main Street, but now covered by Stamford Town Center (41.054279, -73.536502). This property was sold on 16 February 1687/88.

Land: On 16 February 1687/88, Thomas Newman purchased a 1.5-acre home lot west of the Rippowam River (Mill River) on the south side of the Country Road, later called West Broad Street (41.055249, -73.548079). This property was sold on 7 October 1691.

Birth of Son: 1688
Name: Nathaniel Newman

Birth of Son: 1690
Name: Jonathan Newman

Land: On 7 October 1691, Thomas Newman purchased a 3-acre home lot on the west side of West Street, later known as Washington Boulevard, opposite the home lot of John Smith (and formerly the home lot of Henry Smith), now partially covered by Tresser Boulevard (41.051299, -73.543011). This property was sold on 18 May 1696.


Character Witness: On 4 June 1692, Thomas and Mary Newman, together with many other Stamford residents, signed an affidavit of good character in support of their neighbor, Elizabeth Clason (Elizabeth Periment, wife of Stephen Clason), who stood accused of witchcraft.


Birth of Son: 1694
Name: Thomas Newman


Land: In 1696, following the death of Daniel Newman, Thomas Newman took possession of his brother’s former home lot on the south side of East Street, now called Main Street. This 2-acre property had previously been the home lot of their father, William Newman (41.053643, -73.535678). This property was sold on 11 March 1701/02.

Land:On 11 March 1701/02, Thomas Newman purchased a 3-acre home lot on the east side of South Street, now called Atlantic Avenue (41.049758, -73.538891). This property was gifted to his son, John Newman, on 28 April 1705.

Land:On 26 March 1700, Thomas Newman was granted 15 acres along the Mianus River in northwestern Stamford near the border with Greenwich (41.107972, -73.587722). This acquisition, situated near present-day Newman Mills Park, was a key step in the Newman family’s transition (beginning in the 1690s) to the area which later became Stanwich Parish. By 10 May 1708, Thomas Newman had a total of 33½ acres along the Mianus River.



Death: 1714
Note: He died between the writing of his will on 21 May 1714 and the inventory of his estate on 2 September 1714.

BY SPENCER P. MEAD, LL.B. Volume 5, 1702-1750. Page 199

NEWMAN, Thomas, late of Stamford, will dated May 21, 1714, probated Oct. 2, 1714, mentioned his wife Mary, and children, John, Nathaniel, Jonathan, Thomas, and son in law Daniel Briggs, Executrix his wife Mary Newman. Witnesses John Holly, James June and Ebenezer Smith, page 317.

Inventory taken Sept. 2, 1714, and filed Nov. 1, 1714, page 305.

Burial:  Stamford Burying Ground (Columbus Park), Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut
Note:  No known marker

Click here to see parents:  William Newman and Elizabeth Bowstred

Mary Smith

Birth: 1658 Stamford, Fairfield Co, Connecticut

Death: AFT 5 October 1715

Parents are thought to be Henry Smith and ?

The maiden identification of Mary, wife of Thomas Newman (1642 — 1714), has not been verified. However, she was probably Mary Smith, daughter of Henry Smith of Stamford, born 3 December 1658. This identification is based on the following premises.

▫ Mary, wife of Thomas Newman of Stamford, was aged “thirty-three years or thereabout” on 30 June 1692. Mary Smith, daughter of Henry Smith of Stamford, would have been aged 33 years, 6 months and 27 days on 30 June 1692.

▫ Mary Smith would have been a neighbor of Thomas Newman throughout their formative years. Their fathers (Henry Smith and William Newman) had adjoining lots or nearly adjacent properties in multiple Stamford locations.

▫ Thomas Newman and his sons were associates of John Smith (son of Henry Smith of Stamford, and brother of Mary Smith) and John Smith’s family (sons Samuel, Ebenezer and David Smith) long term in both Stamford and Stanwich. Examples of this include the tandem signatures of the Smiths and Newmans on the 30 June 1692 affidavit of good character for Elizabeth Clason, adjacent property acquisitions along the Mianus River circa 1700 and documentation regarding the formation of Stanwich Parish in the early 1730s.

▫ The will of Thomas Newman (21 May 1714) was witnessed by Ebenezer Smith, son of John Smith (and nephew of Mary Smith). It was common for a member of the wife’s family to serve as a witness to protect her interests as needed. Ebenezer Smith, then a young man, would have been an ideal candidate for such a task. Further, in his will, Thomas Newman appointed his wife Mary executrix “on condition that she relinquish her dowry in lands and housing”.

▫ Mary Smith, daughter of Henry Smith of Stamford, is not otherwise accounted for (i.e. no marriage or death record). In his will, Henry Smith referred to his children not mentioned by name “expecting the other of my children to be satisfied with what they have already received, my estate being so small”.