Birth:  12 AUG 1596  Cambridgeshire, England

1st Marriage:  28 OCT 1616 to Elizabeth Creel in Saffron Walden, Essex, England

Occupation:  A tailor from Horseheath, Cambridge

Birth of Son:  1621
Name:  John Mott

Birth of Son:  1623
Name:  Adam Mott

Birth of Son:  1626
Name:  Jonathan

Birth of Daughter:  05 MAY 1629
Name:  Elizabeth Mott

2nd Marriage: 11 MAY 1635 to Sara (Jennings) Lott in Horseheath, Cambridge

Immigration:  1635
Details:  Adam Mott of Rhode Island arrived in 1635 on the ship “Defence”, along with his (second) wife, Sarah (Jennings) Lott Mott.  He came with a certificate of conformity from the minister at Cambridge and were enrolled at London as passengers for New England on the Defence. With them were Adam’s children by his first marriage:  John, Adam, Jonathan, and Elizabeth;  and Sarah’s daughter by her first marriage: Mary Lott.  Adam and Sarah had three sons after their arrival.  This Mott family went to Rhode Island and remained there, creating a line of Motts that later merged with the Long Island Mott families.

Lived in:  Roxbury

Moved to:  1636
Place:  Hingham

Moved to:  1638
Place:  Portsmouth

Note:  Between 1639 and 1656, there are about a dozen references in Portsmouth to a man referred to variously as “John Mott,” “Goodman Mott” and “old John Mott.” Two of these records show that this man was the father of Adam Mott. 

Note:  4 JUN 1649
Details:  “Adam Mott having offerred a cow forever and 5 bushels of corn by the year so long as the old man shall live, towards his maintenance that so he might be discharged from any further charge,” the town arranged for further supplies to be turned over to William Baulstone for the support of the indigent man. 

Note:  3 JUL 1656
Details: The town voted funds to “John Teft to keep old John Mott this year for diet, lodging, washing and looking to beside the cow and the corn that the old man’s son Adam is engaged to give.” 

Will:  02 APR 1661

Death:  BEF 12 AUG 1661  Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Inventory:  12 AUG 1661

Burial:  Portsmouth Friends Churchyard, Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island

parents are John Mott and ?

Elizabeth Creel

Birth: 1600  City of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

1st Marriage:  to ? Lott

Birth of Daughter:  1631
Name:  Mary Lott

Death:  BEF 1632  Essex, England

Burial:  Saffron Walden Cemetery, Uttlesford District, Essex, England

parents are John Thomas Creel and Nancy Stamps

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