We have been working on tracing our families for about 17 years, now, and we’ve had quite a bit of success with the project. At first we thought we’d try keeping the project small by trying to find the initial person who immigrated to this country in each family line. We didn’t realize what a monumental task that would actually be. We currently have over 10,000 people in our database and we still haven’t been able to trace all of our family lines out of the country.

We’d like to dedicate this project to our two sons, Benjamin and Samuel. Boys, we hope that someday you’ll also take an interest in your family history and will carry on where your dad and mom left off.

Main Family Lines:

Caskey Family Have found ancestors back 15 generations.  We’ve traced the Caskey line back to Robert Caskey of Ireland/Scotland
(other last names: Barringer, Clark, Cleveringa, Collins, Gould, Hadley, Hendriks, Herrick, Holmes, Hough, House, King, Lovett, Martin, McColl, McIntyre, McVean, Moon, Newman, Owen, Pennings, Purdy, Postema, Salmon, Shepard, Sparrow, Stark, Stevens, Torrenga, Turner, VanAuken, VerHoeven, Wasson, Woodward, Worthington)

Bergy Family Have found ancestors back 14 generations.  We’ve traced the Bergy line back to Hans Ulrich Bergey (1702-1762) of Switzerland
(other last names: Bowman, Brand, Carr, Cress, Eby, Farnham, Graybill, Hoke, Hoover, Huber, McKinney, McRoberts, Mohler, Mote, Parks, Rockwood, Snider, Souder, Tobias, Torme, Wagner, Wenger, Winey, Yaw)

Smith Family – Have found ancestors back 22 generations.  We’ve traced the Smith line back to Cornelius Smith of New York
(other last names: Austin, Benson, Bradley, Bump, Cooper, Dunham, Freeman, Gardell, Garn, Hawkins, Hoff, Jolls, Larson, Lawton, Leahy, Newton, Ogden, Olson, Ormsbee, Owens, Pringle, Reynolds, Richmond, Sanders, Shue, Smith, Varnum, Wertz, Wheaton)

Laude Family Have found ancestors back 17 generations.  We’ve traced the Laude line back to Ernest Laude of Germany
(other last names: Caswell, Bacon, Blodgett, Bussler, Frizell, Fusdal, Green, Grey, Hatfield, Jones, Lange, Lee, Lichfelt, Marrison, Morgan, Morse, Parmlee, Paasch, Pierce, Rukhoff, Stevens, Whitaker)

Index of All Persons