Family Pages (Direct Ancestors):
Other known ancestors exist; however, we don’t have family pages for them due to a lack of info.
Ancestors in red are the earliest known in their line.

photo = Have their photo  documents = Have documents  ship = Immigrated to this country  headstone = Have tombstone pic
soldier - rev war = Fought in military pastor = Was a pastor   (Flags are from their country of origin)

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2nd Generation                                                                                                               
Paul Goodwin Smith and Marilyn Grace Shue  photo  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone                         

3rd Generation                                                                                                                   
Orton Aurlius Smith and Teckla Johanna Olive Larson  photo  documents  headstone
Charles Alvin Shue and Leah Helen Lawton  photo  documents  headstone

4th Generation
Cornelius Aurlius Smith and Mary Etta Reynolds  photo  documents  headstone
Johannes R. Larson and Emma Christina Olivia Olson  photo  documents  ship  Swedish Flag  headstone
Amos Shue and Catherine Elnora Sanders  photo  documents  headstone
Stowell Ernest Lawton and Minnie Viola Garn  photo  documents  headstone

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5th Generation
Reuben Earl Smith and Sarah E. Bump  photo  documents  headstone
Francis H. Reynolds Jr. and Anice Freeman  photo  documents  headstone
John Larson and Elna W. Benson  documents  ship  Swedish Flag  headstone
Olof Petter Olson and Joanna Gertrud Gardell  photo  documents  ship  Swedish Flag  headstone
Charles Shue and Mary Miller  photo  documents  headstone
Henry Sanders and Magdalene Leahy  photo  documents  Germany  headstone
Lyman Pearly Lawton and Sarah Ann Smith  photo  documents  headstone
Martin Garn and Sarah Jane Hawkins  photo  documents  headstone

6th Generation
Cornelius Smith and Hulda Austin  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone
Francis H. Reynolds Sr. and Abigail Jolls  documents  headstone
Elkanah Freeman and Hannah Dunham   
Nels Benson and Christina Akasdr Swedish Flag
Olof Johansson and Anna Knutsdotter  Swedish Flag
Christopher Christophersson Gardell and Elin Johansdotter  Swedish Flag
Peter Shue and Barbara ?  documents  headstone
Conrad Miller and Mary ?
John D. Leahy and Catherine Hoff   Germany  documents  headstone
Henry Lawton and Elizabeth Newton  photo  documents  headstone
Sanford Smith and Polly Ogden  documents
Abraham Garn and Susannah Garn  documents  headstone
William W. Hawkins and Telitha Ann Owens  photo  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone

7th Generation
Reuben Austin and Tryphena Hosmer  documents
Ebenezer Jolls and Mary Wheaton  documents
Elisha Freeman and Chloe Alice Stevens 
Jonathan Dunham and Mary Reno  
Onnert Pahlsson and Ellna Ellna Nilsdr  Swedish Flag
Knut Magnusson and Catharina Nilsdotter  Swedish Flag
Johan Jonasson and Elisabeth Nilsdotter  Swedish Flag 
Christopher Christophersson and Christina Martensdotter  Swedish Flag
Zacharias Shue and Anna Elizabeth Vernum  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone
John Leahy and Esther Duncan
Samuel Hoff and Magdalena Meyer  documents
Josiah T. Lawton and Elizabeth Bradley  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone
William Newton?

David Smith and Mercy ?  documents
John Garn and Susan Smith  documents  ship  Germany  headstone
John Garn and Susan Cable  headstone
Zadock Hawkins and Jane Cooper  documents  headstone

8th Generation
Levi Austin and Hanna Austin  documents
Thomas Hosmer and Elizabeth Kellogg  soldier - rev war  headstone
Thomas Jolls and Mehitable Ormsbee
Samuel Wheaton and Prudence Salisbury
Elkanah Freeman and Hannah Thatcher  
Nils Hansson and Catharina Jacobsdotter  Swedish Flag
Christopher Larsson and Margareta Larsdotter  Swedish Flag
Johann Jacob Shue and ?  ship  Germany
Heinrich Hoff and Mary Danner  headstone
Andrew Kauffman Meyer and Magdalena Keller  pastor  headstone
Thomas Lawton and Anne Richmond  documents
Daniel Bradley?
Conrad Gern and Barbara Hauser  ship  Germany
George Smith and Susan ?  soldier - rev war  headstone
John Garn and Margaret Seyn  headstone
John Martin Cable and Mary Christiana Ripley
Zadock Hawkins and Elizabeth ?  soldier - rev war
William Cooper and Martha ?

9th Generation
Samuel Austin and Ann Hough
Robert Austin and Phoebe Benham
Thomas Hosmer and Susannah Steel
Thomas Kellogg and Elizabeth Lee
Robert Jolls and Experience Holbrook  headstone
Jeremiah Ormsbee and Mehitabel Wilmarth  
Samuel Wheaton and Experience Pierce
William Salisbury and Bethiah Carpenter
John Freeman and Mercy Watson 
Hans Okand and Okand Okand   Swedish Flag
Nils Hansson and Catharina Jacobsdotter  Swedish Flag
Ulrich Shue and Anna Elizabeth Kissling   ship  Germany
John Vernum (Vernon) and Jane Jean ?
Michael Hoff and Barbara ?
Michael Danner Sr. and Anna Bend  ship  Germany  headstone
Christian Meyer and Elizabeth Kauffman  pastor  ship  Switzerland  headstone
Josiah Lawton and Elizabeth Kirby         
Stephen Richmond and Mary Lawton
Johann Adam Gern and Anna Marie Arnold  Germany
Christoph Hauser and Catharina Regina Gunther
Zadock Hawkins and Lydia Wilmot  soldier - rev war

10th Generation
John Austin and Prudence Royce
William Hough and Mehitabel Pratt
Thomas Hosmer and Ann Prentiss  headstone
Thomas Steele and Susanna Webster  headstone
Edward Kellogg and Dorthy Bissell
Stephen Lee and Elizabeth Woodward
Joseph Benham and Hope Cook
Thomas Jolls and Abigail ?
John Holbrook and Abigail Pierce  headstone
Thomas Ormsbee and Mary Fitch  headstone
Thomas Wilmarth and Mary Robinson  soldier - rev war
John Wheaton and Elizabeth Thurber
Ephraim Pierce and Hannah Holbrook
William Salisbury and Anna Cole
John Freeman and Sarah Merrick  
Elkanah Watson and ?
Johann Jakob Schuh and Maria Salome Schaffer
Peter Kissling and ?
Ulrich Danner/Tanner and Chrystina Reitlickerin
Johann Meyer and Maria Leonhardt
Johan Andreas Kauffman and Elizabeth Kneissle  (3rd great grandparents of Pearl S. Buck)  ship  Germany
Thomas Lawton and Jane Barker
James Kirby and Ann Earl
John Richmond and Elizabeth ?
Eleazer Hawkins and Damaris Wooster
William Wilmot and Lydia Perkins  soldier - rev war

11th Generation
John Austin and Mercy Atwater
Samuel Royce and Hannah Churchill
Samuel Hough and Susanna Wrotham
John Pratt and Sarah Jones
Stephen Hosmer and Hannah Bushnell  headstone
John P. Prentice and Sarah Jones  soldier - rev war
Samuel Steele and Mercy Bradford
Jonathan Webster and Dorcas Hopkins
Joseph Kellogg and Joanna Foote  soldier - rev war  ship  England
John Bissell and Isabel Mason
John Lee and Mary Hart  ship  England  headstone
John Woodward and Anna Dewey  (appears in both Smith and Caskey family lines)  headstone
Joseph Benham and Hannah Merriman
Samuel Cook and Hope Parker
Thomas Jolls and Susannah ?  ship  England  
Walter Briggs and Frances Watson              
Captain John Holbrook and Elizabeth Stream  soldier - rev war  ship  England  headstone
Captain Michael Pierce and Persis Eames  soldier - rev war  ship  England  headstone
Richard Ormsbee and Sarah Upham  ship  England
John Fitch and Mary Sutton
Thomas Wilmarth and Elizabeth Bliss  ship  England
George Robinson and Joanna Ingraham  ship  flag - scotland
Robert Wheaton and Alice Bowen  ship  Wales
John Thurber and Priscilla ?  ship  England
William Salisbury and Susanna ?  soldier - rev war  ship  Wales  headstone
Hugh Cole and Anna Foxwell
John Freeman and Mercy Prence  
Micheal Kauffman II and Elsbeth Hirschi  Switzerland
Antoni Kristopher Kneissle and Magdalena Hempstead  ship  Switzerland
Adam Lawton and Mary Slocum       
James Barker and Sarah Jefferay
John Kirby and Rebecca Mosher
Joseph Earl and Elizabeth Slocum
Edward Richmond and Abigail Davis  ship  England  headstone
Joseph Hawkins and Elizabeth Gunn
Timothy Wooster and Anna Perry
Thomas Wilmot and Mary Lines  soldier - rev war
Stephen Perkins and Elizabeth Ford

12th Generation
? and Mary Osborn
David Atwater and Damaris Sayre  ship  England  headstone
Robert Royce and Mary Jackson  ship  England
Josiah Churchill and Elizabeth Foote  ship  England
William Hough and Sarah Calkins  ship  England
Simon Wrotham and Sarah ?
William Pratt and Elizabeth Clark  soldier - rev war  ship  England  headstone
Thomas Jones and Mary ?
Thomas Hosmer and Frances Bushnell  ship  England  headstone
Francis Bushnell and Marie Mary Grombridge  ship  England
John Prentice and Hester Nichols  ship  England
John Nichols and Grace ?
Matthew Jones and Ann Griggs
John Steele and Mercy Warner  ship  England
William Bradford and Alice Richards (Great grandparents of Noah Webster)  photo  soldier - rev war  headstone
Robert Webster and Susannah Treat (2nd great grandparents of Noah Webster)  soldier - rev war  ship  England
Stephen Hopkins and Dorcas Bronson
Martin Kellogg and Prudence Bird  England
Nathaniel Foote and Elizabeth Deming  ship  England  headstone
Stephen Hart and ?
Henry Dorchester Woodward and Elizabeth Mather  ship  England
Thomas Dewey and Frances Randall  ship  England
Joseph Benham and Winifred King  (Winnifred was accused of witchcraft)
Nathaniel Merriman and Abigail Olney  soldier - rev war  ship  England
Henry Cook and Judith Birdsall  ship  England
Edward John Parker and Elizabeth Wood
Thomas Holbrook and Jane Powyes  ship  England
John Stream and Elizabeth ?               
Azrika Pierce and Martha ?
Anthony Eames and Margery Pierce  soldier - rev war  ship  England        
James Wilmarth and Elizabeth Morrison
Thomas Bliss and Dorothy Wheatley  ship  England
Robert Wheaton and Margaret Bastine
Richard Bowen and Ann Bourne  ship  Wales
John Salisbury of Llanrhaidr and ?
Edmond Freeman and Bennett Hodsoll  
Thomas Prence and Patience Brewster (appears in both Smith and Caskey family lines)   (Daughter of William Brewster of Mayflower and Plymouth Colony)
Micheal Kauffman I and Anna Brendi  Switzerland
Isaac Hirschi and Elizabeth Schmidt  Switzerland
Daniel Lawton and Rebecca Mott
James Barker and Barbara Dungan  soldier - rev war  ship  England
William Jefferay and Mary Gould  ship  England
Jeremiah Gould and Priscilla Grover  ship  England
Richard Kirby and Patience Gifford           
Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson  pastor  ship  England
Ralph Earl and Dorcus Sprague  soldier - rev war  ship  England
Giles Slocum and Anne Lawton  headstone
John Richmond and Elizabeth Nicholas  ship  England  headstone
Joseph Hawkins and Abigail Holbrook
Jobomah Gunn and Sarah Lane
Edward Wooster and Tabitha Tomlinson  ship  England  headstone
Arthur Perry and Anna Judson
William Wilmot and Sarah Thomas  ship  England  headstone
Samuel Lines and Mary Thompson
John Perkins and Mary ?
Samuel Ford and Elizabeth Hopkins

13th Generation
John Atwater and Susan Narsin  England
Thomas Sayre and Margaret Aldrich  ship  England
Edward Hough and Ann ?  England
Hugh Calkins and Ann Eaton  ship  England  headstone
Rev. William Pratt and Elizabeth ?
John Clark and ?  (notes about him on daughter’s page)
Stephen Hosmer and Dorothy Selden  England
Francis Bushnell and Ferris Quenell  ship  England
Valentine Prentice and Alice Bredda  ship  England
John Nichols and Grace ?
John Steele and Rachel Talcott  ship  England  headstone
Andrew Warner and ?
William Bradford and Alice Carpenter  (Mayflower – Governor of Plymouth Colony)  photo  ship  England  headstone
Thomas Richards and Welthian Loring (Welthian accused of witchcraft)  ship  England
Gov. John Webster and Agnes Smith  ship  England  headstone
Richard Treat and Alice Gaylord  ship  England
John Hopkins and Jane (possibly Strong)
John Bronson and Frances Hill  soldier - rev war  ship  England
Phillippe Kellogg and Annis Mynot  England
John Burde and Prudence ?
Robert Foote and Joan Brooke  England
Jonathan Deming and Elizabeth Gilbert
Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth Tysen (Tyrer)
Thomas Mather and Margerite Abram
John Benham and ?  ship  England
John King and Mary Baker
Theophilus Merriman and Hannah ?
William Olney and ?
Edmund Cooke and Elizabeth Nicholls
Henry Birdsall and Agnes Kempe  ship  England
Henry Wood and Isabell Goodspeed  England
William Holbrook and Edith Saunders  England
William Powyes and Elizabeth ?
Anteress Pierce and ?

Thomas Eames and Millicent ?  England
John Bliss and ?  England
James Bowen and Eleanor Griffiths
Edmund Honington Freeman and Alice Coles
John Hodsoll and Anne Maudy
William Brewster and Mary ? (Mayflower – Religious Leader of Plymouth Colony)
Nicklaus Kauffman Sr. and Elsbeth “Elsi” Blank  Switzerland
Andrew Hirschi II and Christina Danner  Switzerland
Thomas Lawton and Elizabeth Salisbury  ship  England
Adam Mott and Mary Lott  ship  England
James Barker and ?  ship  England
William Dungan and Frances Latham (Frances is The Mother of Governors & descended from royalty)  flag - ireland  ship  England  headstone
William Jefferay and Audrey Harvey
Jeremiah Gould and Priscilla Grover  England
Richard Kirby and Jane ?  ship  England
William Gifford and ?  ship  England
Nicholas Mosher and Lydia Maxson
Richard Maxson and Rebecca Marbury  ship  England
Ralph Earl and Joan Savage  ship  England
Francis Sprague and Lydia Archer?  ship  England
Giles Slocum and Joan Cook  ship  England  headstone
Henry Richmond and Elizabeth Christian
Richard Nicholas and Jane Saint John
Robert Hawkins and Mary ?  ship  England
Richard Holbrook and Agnes ?  ship  England
Jasper Gunn and Christian Baldwin
John Lane and Sarah ?
Henry Tomlinson and Alice ?  ship  England
Benjamin Wilmot and Ann Ladd  ship  England
John Thomas and Tabitha Charles
Edward Perkins and Mary Butcher  soldier - rev war  ship  England
Timothy Ford and Eliza Gordy

14th Generation
Christopher Atwater and Maryan ?  England
Francis Sayre and Elizabeth Atkins  England
Rowland Calkins and Ellen ?
Francis Eaton and Sophia Hollister
James Hosmer and Agnes ?  England
William Selden and Mary Appes
Francis Bushnell and ?  England
Richard Steele and ?
John Talcott and Anne Skinner  England
William Bradford and Alice Hanson
Thomas Richards and ?

Alexander Carpenter and Priscilla Dillen  England
Matthew Webster and Elizabeth Ashton  England
Robert Smith and Agnes Julocke Wraske
Robert Treat and Honoria ?
Hugh Gaylord and Joan ?
Roger Bronson and Mary Underwood
William Hills and ?
Thomas Kellogg and Ellen ?  England
Robert Minot and Ellen ?
John Robert Foote and Hellen Waller  England
John Brooke and Elizabeth Whatman
John Wood and Joyce Farrow
Thomas Eames and Joan ?  England
William Blisse and Elizabeth ?  England
John Goodspeed and Elizabeth Tweed  England
Richard Blysse and Joyce ?
James Bowen and Mary Hearle/Hale
William Griffith and Jane Stradling
Jacob Kauffman and Anna Buercki  Switzerland
Jost Blank and Elsi Hebysen
Andrew Hirschi and Barbili Schenk  Switzerland
George Lawton and Isabell Smith  England
John Salisbury and Margaret Crowley
Adam Mott and Elizabeth Creel  ship  England
Englebret Lott and Sarah ?
Rowland Barker and ?
Thomas Dungan and Mary ?
Lewis Latham and Elizabeth ? (Sergeant Falconer to King Charles I)  photo  England
Thomas Jefferay and ?
Richard Gould and Mary Colder
William Grover and Margaret ?
Humphrey Kirby and Marjorie White
Philip Gifford and Mary Turner
Edward Sprague and Margaret Holland
John Moger and Edith Crosse
Rev. Frances Marbury and Bridget Dryden
John Maxson and ?
Philip Slocombe and Charity Bickham  England
John Holbrook and Sarah French
George Tomlinson and Maria Hyde

Edmond Richmond and Mary Weare or Browne
William Perkins and Mary Purchase  England

15th Generation
Thomas Atwater and Johanna ?  England
William Sayre and Alice Squyre
William Atkins and ?
William Selkeden and Marian ?
Nicholas Bushnell and Elizabeth ?  England
John Talcott and Mary Wells
William Skinner and Margery Trotter
William Bradford and Margaret Fox
John Hanson and Margaret Gressam
William Carpenter and ?
John Webster and Isabel Kythin
John Ashton and ?
Nicholas Kellogg and Florence Hall  England
Robert Wraske and Anne Hulcock
William Goodspeed and Anna ?
Jacob Kauffman and ?
Thomas Lawton and Mary ?
John Mott and ?
John Thomas Creel and Nancy Stamps

Richard Gould and Jane Weeden
Aldred Byccombe and Ellen Cridland  England
George Perkins and Katherine ?  England
George Purchase and ?

16th Generation
Robert Atwater and ?  England
John Bushnell and Alice ?  England
John Carpenter and ?
John Webster and Isabell Kythin
William Hall and ?
Thomas Gould and Alice Mandeville
William Perkins and Joan ?  England

17th Generation
William Bushnell and ?  England
James Carpenter and ?
John Webster and Emmett Welle
Richard Gould and Joan ?
John Perkins and ?  England

18th Generation
William Carpenter and ?
William of Syston and ?
Thomas Gould and Joan Curtis

19th Generation
John Carpenter and ?
John Webster and ?
Thomas Bould and Elenor ?

20th Generation
John Carpenter and ?

21st Generation
Richard Carpenter and ?

22nd Generation
John Carpenter and ?

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