Occupation:  Aldred was a resident of Old Cleve in Somerset, England, and a clothier which was a trade that was continued by his son Aldred, and possibly for a short time by his son William.

Land Rec:   April of 1562,
Details: Aldred Byckham held a lease (with Isott Byckham and William Byckham) for eleven acres in St. Decumans, Somerset, England, from John Trevelyan. This property was known as Hasley Meadow or Haselake, and had previously belonged to a John Englysshe.

Taxes: 1581
Details: Aldred was paying the Tudor Subsidies for his lands in the Hundred of Williton Fremanors, in Old Cleeve, Somerset.

Taxes: 1596
Details: Aldred later paid Lay Subsidies in Old Cleeve, Somerset.

Marriage:  15 JUN 1580 in Spaxton, Somerset, England

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1582
Name: Anne Bickham

Birth of Son: ABT 1584
Name: Aldred Bickham

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1586
Name: Charity Bickham

Birth of Daughter:  Mary Bickham

Birth of Daughter:  Joane Bickham

Birth of Son: William Bickham

Will: 21 JUL 1610
Proved: 02 FEB 1611
Details: In the name of God: Amen: The one and twentithe daie of Julie in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand sixe hundred and tenne and in the eighth yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord King James of England I Aldred Byccombe of Oldclive with in the dioces of Bathe and Wells and Countie of Somersette Clothier beinge sicke in bodie but of perfect minde and memorie (praise be to Almightie god) consideringe the frailtie of mans mortall nature howe that nothinge is there wise more certaine then deathe althoughe nothinge more uncertaine than the time thereof have thought fitt to ordain and make my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge First comendinge my Soule into the handes of Almightie god hopinge assuredlie to receive pardon and remission of my sinnes only by the merritts deathe and passion of Christ Jesus my Saviour and to rest with him in glorie in the kingdome of heaven forever And my bodie I leave to be buried in the earthe by the discrecon and appointment of mine executrix and Overseers of this my Will And concerninge the disposicon of my temporall goodes and estate whereunto it hath pleased Almightie to endue me First I give and devise unto my daughter Charity the sume of Fiftie pounds beinge a debte due unto me by my brother William Biccombe upon twoe severall Bondes Item I give and devise unto my Daughter Mary the summe of Thirtye five poundes to be sett out and emploied at our Ladie daie next and soe from thereforthe untill her full age of one and twentith yeares to her best use and profitt Item I give and devise unto my daughter Joane the summe of thirtie poundes to be sett out and emploied to her best use and profitt within one yeare and quarter next after my deathe Item I give and devise unto my sonne William the summe of Twentie poundes in money to be sett out and imploied to his best use and profitt within three yeares next after my deathe And my further meaninge and intent is that if anie of my said three last named Children Marie Joane and William shall happen to die before they shall accomplish the age of one and twentie years That then his or her por’con soe dyinge shall remaine to the Survivors of them equallie to be devided Alsoe I give to my saide sonne William a standinge bedsteede in the lower Chamber with the bed perfourmed the newe Racke standing in the meadowe and a newe paire of Tuckers sheares in the shoppe Item my will purpose and intent is that my wife shall have the use custodie and occupa’con of all my housholde goodes stuffe and plate duringe her life And after her time I will that a good part thereof remaine to my sonne Aldred whoe is to succeede in the house and not be removed, but my will and meaning is that my wife at her discretion shall have power to dispose of anie parte of my said housholde goodes not exceedinge the value of Twenty poundes unto myne and her other children (except my silver salte and silver spoones which I will shall goe and remaine unto my said sonne Aldred) Item I give and devise unto Isot Lenham daughter of my late daughter Anne Lenham deceased the summe of Twentie shillings The residue of all my goodes and chattells not before by this my will geven or disposed I give and bequeathe unto Helen my wife whome I ordaine and appoint my sole Executrix of this my last will and testament And I doe further ordaine and appoint my brother William Biccombe my friend Andrewe Speede and my brother in lawe Thomas Cridland to be Overseers of this my Will and doe earnestlie entreate them to be carefull to see the same truelie executed and performed and in consideracon of their love and care in this behalfe to be taken I give unto everie of them three shillinges foure pence Signum Ald Byckham Wittnesses to the publishinge and declaringe of the above written will and testament of the said Aldred Biccombe Geo. Hooper, Signum Johannis Hopper Signum Rich Lanham Nicholas Bartlett

Death:  1611

Parents are unknown

Ellen Cridland     


Will: 24 JUN 1642
Proved: 20 JUN 1646
Details: In the name of God Amen The Foure and Twentith day of June in the yeare of our Lord Christ One thousand six hundred fortie and two I Ellen Bickham of Oldcleeve in the countie of Somersett Widdow within the dyoces of Bath and Wells beinge in reasonable health of bodie and perfect memorie (thankes be to God) and seeinge nothinge more certaine than deathe but the houre and time uncertaine have thought fitt to ordaine and make this my last Will & Testament in manner and forme following First comendinge my soule into the hands of Allmighty God, hopeinge assuredly to attaine pardone and omission of my sins by the death and passion of Christ Jesus, my Saviour and to rest with him in love in heaven for ever, and my bodie I leave to bee buried by the discretion and appointment of my Executor as the overseers of this my Will. As touching the disposall of my temporall goods and estate wherewith it hath pleased Allmighty God to endue mee First I give and devise unto my Sister Anne Ashe my best petticoate and best wastcoate, my best cloake my best hatt my best wifle band, my best Apron, my best Kercheife, my best smocke, best stockins and shooes. Item I give and devise unto Charitie Slocombe my daughter Twentie pounds, my greatest brasse pann, my third biggest crocke, one little brasse pann of the six suteable, six of my silver spoones, the featherbedd, boulster and bedstead in the parlor chamber performed, six bowles of pewter, Vizt. three platters, three potingers & halfe my wearing apparrell both Lynen and Woollen over and besides the apparrell bequeathed unto my Sister Ashe as aforesaid. Item I give and devise unto Joane Studdier my other daughter Twentie pounds, my second best brasse pann, my foureth biggest crocke, one small brasse pann of six that are suiteable, six pewter Vessells That is three potingers and three platters, the other halfondeale of my wearing apparrell both Lynnen and Woolen not formerly given and I give to John Studdier her husband Three pounds to buy him a silver boule. Item I give and devise unto Ellen daughter unto my sonne Aldred my best crocke, my best chest and one of my best brasse panns of the best suiteable. Item I give and devise unto the poorest people of the parrishes of Spaxton and Bishopes Liddierd Twenty shillings to each parrishe to bee distributed by my Executor by the advice of the Overseers of the poore in each parrishe for the time beinge. Item I give and devise to bee added to the Stocks for the poore of Old Cleeve Five pounds to bee employed by the Overseers and their Successors, and the increase to bee bestowed yearely uppon the poore of the parrishe Item I give to bee bestowed to ye poore people at my funerall Three pounds, Item I give and deviseth my couzen Nicholas Colles Twentie shillings, To his sonne John Twentie shillings, To my couzen Roger Colles Twentie shillings and to his now wife Tenn shillings, To my couzen William Colles Twentie shillings and to my Uncle John Colles his Widdow Tenn shillings. Item I give and deviseth unto everyone of my Godchildren Twelve pence, And it is my will and intent that all the former Legacies and gifts bee paid within one yeare and ahalfe next after my decease. The residue of all my goods and chattles of what nature or quallitie whatsoever aswell the chattle left unto mee by way of Executrixshipp by my sonne William Bickham called Soerchalfelax in the parrishe of Spaxton and one other chattle called Easelake in the parrishe of St Deacumans the Inheritance of George Trevelyan Esquire, with all appurtances within go & deede touching the same chattles I give assigne devise and bequeath unto my said sonne Aldred Bickham and him I make sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament And finally I ordaine and appointe my well beloved Francis Cridland and Humphrey Hooper Overseers of this my last Will and Testament desireinge them to see the same truly performed. And in consideration of their love and paines I give to every one of them five shillings. The signe of Ellen Bickham. Witnesses to the acknowledginge hereof John Jenkins Cler; Francis Cridland, Andrew Ian

Md [Memorandum] that whereas by a former Will I did give diverse Legacies (Vizt) unto five children of my daughter Joan Studdier five pounde a peice, unto Giles Slocombe the sonne of my daughter Charitie Slocombe Tenn pounds, And unto Nine children of my sonne Aldred Bickham five pounds apeace; All which severall sumes I have already paid in manner followinge; Vizt unto John Studdier my said daughter Joans husband Twenty five pounds and unto my said daughter Charitie the said Tenn pounds and unto my said sonne Aldred Bickham fortie five pounds for the use and benefitt of the severall children and therefore in this last Will omitted Neverthelesse I doe devise that their parents should employ the said sumes of monie in the best manner that they may for their said childrens good untill they shall thinke fitt to devise it unto them to bee used by their owne discretions.

Death:  1646

Parents are unknown

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