Birth: ABT 1560   Wrington, Somersetshire, England

Note: Alexander Carpenter was a well-to-do landowner of Wrington, near Bath, in Somerset, England when he became a member of a group of separatists who wished to separate from the Anglican Church and worship according to the dictates of their consciences.

Marriage:  1581

Birth of Daughter:  19 FEB 1584
Name:  Juliana Carpenter

Birth of Daughter:  03 AUG 1590
Name:  Alice Carpenter
Place: Wrington, Somersetshire, England

Birth of Daughter:  16 DEC 1593
Name:  Agnes Carpenter

Birth of Daughter:  1597
Name:  Mary Carpenter

Birth of Daughter:  06 JUL 1597
Name:  Priscilla Carpenter

Religion: Alexander was a Dissenter and on account of religious persecution removed with his family to Leiden. It was probably this Alexander who stopped at Yarmouth on his return to England. After quiet was restored he settled in Sommersetshire where his wife died.

Religion:  Alexander was a member of the “Ancient Brethren.”

Note:  16 DEC 1600 Was a witness at the Amsterdam marriage of “Antoine Fetcher” and “Jenneken Richeman”

Moved to:  1611
Place:  Leiden, Holland

Death: ABT 1612  Leiden, Holland

Parents are William Carpenter and Abigail ?

Priscilla Dillen     

Birth:  1548 in Wrington, Somersetshir, England

Death:  21 DEC 1653 in Bath, Somerset, England

Letter written to daughter, Mary:  probably 1644 or 1646
Details:  Loving Sister
We understand by your letter, that God hath taken to himselfe our aged mother out of the troubles of this tumultuous world, and that you are in a solitary condition as we easily apprehend. We thought good therefore to writ these few lines unto you that if you thinke good to come over to us you shall be wellcome, and we shall be as helpfull unto you as we may, though we are growne old and the countrie here more unsettled than ever by reason of the great changes that have been made in these late times, and what will further be the Lord only knows which makes many thinke of removing their habitations, and sundrie of our ministers (hearing of the peace and liberty now in England and Ireland) begine to leave us and it is feared many more will follow. We do not write these things to discourage you (for we shall be glad to see you if God so dispose) but if you find not all things here according to your expectation when God shall bring you hither that you may not thinke we delt not plainly with you. This bearer is to come as nere you as Dorchester and hath promised to see this letter safely conveyed to you, and if you can write or send to him he will give you the best directions and furtherance he can about your coming over. His occation will be most at London; he dwells here with us and is to return this next year; he is a brother to Mr. Winslow. But we conceive your best and easiest way will be to come from Bristol if there be any passage. And if you cannot pay for your passage agree with the master and I will pay it here. We have sent letters formerly wch we perceive have miscarried but I hope this will come safe to your hands. The rest of your friends are all in health Blessed be God. We hope you will have such opportunite as your passage will be comfortable. Thus desiring the Lord to keepe you and bring you in safetie, with our love remembered unto you, we take leave and rest,
Your loving brother & sister
William Bradford
Plimo August 19, 1664
[probably 1644 or 1646]

Parents are unknown

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