Birth:  1631 in Cotesbach, Harborough District, Leicester, England

Baptism: 15 Jan 1631

Immigration: 1648 from England to Massachusetts

Marriage:  ABT 1653 to Mary Bowen

Note:  Settled on the estate between Whitney’s and the Brookline boundary, owned until recently by his descendants. Besides his house and barn, he had eighty acres conveniently adjoining to ye sd housing.  His estate was near Great Pond, now Jamaica Pond.

Religion: From the records of Roxbury, Mr. Benjamin Child was among those who contributed to the erection of the First Church of Roxbury.

Birth of Son: 1654
Name:  Ephraim Child
Place:  Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Birth of Son: 1657
Name:  Joshua Child

Birth of Son: 1658
Name:  Benjamin Child

Birth of Daughter: 08 AUG 1660
Name:  Mary Child

Birth of Son: DEC 1662
Name:  ? Child

Birth of Daughter: 21 FEB 1664 (christened)
Name:  Elizabeth Child

Birth of Daughter: 21 DEC 1665
Name:  Margaret Child

Birth of Son: 08 JAN 1668 (christened)
Name:  John Child

Birth of Daughter: 29 JUN 1669
Name:  Mehitable Child

Birth of Son: 01 JAN 1671
Name:  John Child

Birth of Son: 01 JUN 1673
Name:  Joseph Child

Death:  14 Oct 1678 in Roxbury, Massachusetts

Burial:  probably in the Eliot Burying Ground, Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts
Details:  No stone has been found

Parents are Benjamin Child and Sarah Shenton

Benjamin Child is described in the Child genealogy, as the nephew of Deacon Ephraim Child of Watertown, Mass., who came over in 1630 from probably Bury St. Edmunds in Co. Suffolk, England. The same relationship is also stated by Bond in his History of Watertown, whose opinion undoubtedly influenced the author of the genealogy. Bond also gave Richard and John Child, who are mentioned in the will of Deacon Ephraim, as his nephews. To the compiler of this history, the proper interpretation to be given to the will of Ephraim, is that Ephraim, the son of Benjamin Child of Roxbury, bears the same relationship to Deacon Ephraim, as does Richard and John; the bequests are similar in character and extent.

Savage, in his Genealogical Dictionary of New England, says: Benjamin of Roxbury, probably nephew of Ephrain here, son of Benjamin in England. Then later on speaking about the will of Deacon Ephraim: provided for widow Eliz., for Richard and John Child, probably nephews, and Ephraim another nephew, son of his brother Benjamin.

Mary Bowen     

Birth: 1635/1636 in Gower, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

Immigration:  1638 with her parents
Note:  Her parents returned to England about ten years later, leaving most of their children settled in America.

Death: 31 Oct 1707 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts

Burial:  probably in the Eliot Burying Ground, Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts
Details:  No stone has been found

parents are Griffith Bowen and Margaret Fleming

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