Family Pages (Direct Ancestors):
Other known ancestors exist; however, we don’t have family pages for them due to a lack of info.
Ancestors in red are the earliest known in their line.

photo = Have their photo  documents = Have documents  ship = Immigrated to this country  headstone = Have tombstone pic
soldier - rev war = Fought in military pastor = Was a pastor   (Flags are from their country of origin)

2nd Generation
Francis Earl Laude and Gladys Esther Marrison  photo  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone

3rd Generation 
William Albert Laude and Nellie Elizabeth Paasch  photo  documents  headstone
Emry Elmer Marrison and Hattie Alice Morse  photo  documents  headstone

4th Generation
Albert E. Bussler and Mary Laude (biological parents of William)  photo  documents  headstone
August John Laude and Louisa Maack (adopted parents – uncle of William)  photo  documents  headstone
William Frederick Paasch and Nellie L. Hatfield  photo  documents  headstone
John Marrison and Esther Jane Pierce  photo  documents ship  England soldier - rev war  headstone
William Franklin Morse and Alice Lillian Blodgett  photo  documents  pastor  headstone

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5th Generation
Stephan Ernest Bussler and Amelia Lange  documents  ship  Germany  headstone
Frederich Ferdinand Laude and Louise Henriette Lichfelt  documents  ship  Germany  headstone
John Maack and Louisa Rukhoff  (adopted grandparents)  photo  documents  ship  Germany  headstone
Friedrich Johann Paasch and Abelina Juens  documents  ship  Germany  headstone
Richard Hatfield and Mary E. Caswell  photo  documents  headstone
William Marrison and Mary Ann Grey  photo  documents  ship  England
James Edward Pierce and Susan Ann St. John  documents  soldier - rev war  England  Canada 
Hiram B. Morse and Mary Syers  documents
Alonzo Blodgett and Sarah Ann Morgan  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone

6th Generation
Ernest Laude and ?  Germany
Frederick Lickfelt and Charlotte ?  Germany
Aaron Burr Caswell and Hannah Green  photo  documents  headstone
Edward Marrison and Lucy Lee  England
John Grey and Charlotte ?  England
Franklin Pierce and Rebecca ?
Harvey St. John and Catherine Anna Rittenburg  documents
Ziba Blodgett and Dianna Burras   documents  soldier - rev war
Zenas Morgan and Rebecca Williamson  documents  headstone

7th Generation
George Caswell and Sarah Stevens
Amos Green and Hannah Bacon  soldier - rev war  documents
Thomas Marrison and Ann Whitaker  England
Nehemiah Seymour St. John and Mary Aiken
Michael Reiffenberg and Mary Antje Van Dusen
William Hadrick Burras and Abigail Jeffries  documents  ship  Flag_of_the_Netherlands  headstone
Sardius Blodgett and Sabra Wheeler
Jesse Morgan and Sarah Tennant  headstone

8th Generation
Nehemiah Stevens and Hannah ?  soldier - rev war  documents  headstone
John Green and Mary Kenyon
Winthrop Bacon and Anna Bentley  soldier - rev war  headstone
Thomas Marrison and Mary Fusdal  England
Nehemiah Seymour St. John and Lois Bowdon Cornwell
Johannes Groges Reiffenberg and Elizabeth ?
Leviness Wynsandt Van Dusen and Sarah Humphrey (descended from the Dutch Royal Line)
John Burras and Jane VanderPost
Thomas Jeffries and Lucy Palmer
Asa Blodgett and Irene Owen
Samuel Morgan Sr. and Abigail Heath
Caleb Tennant and Sarah Wightman

9th Generation
James Stevens and Rhoda Parmlee
Amos Greene and Amy Knowles  headstone
Robert Kenyon and Ruth Barber  soldier - rev war  headstone
Joseph Bacon and Mary Frizell  headstone
Joseph Bentley and Jane Crego  soldier - rev war
John Marrison and Mary Ramsdale or Hibbard
Daniel Comstock St. John and Grace Sherman
Paul Cornwell and Susanna Bowdon
Tobias Robert Van Deusen and Annetje Bressie
John Humphrey and Mary Wood
John Jeffries and Mary Curnow
Samuel Morgan and Hannah Avery
John Harold Heath and Hannah Haines

10th Generation
Nehemiah Stevens and Jane Bennett  documents
John Greene and Mary Aylesworth  soldier - rev war
Samuel Knowles and Hannah Hazard
David Kenyon and Mary Sanford
Benjamin Barber and Mary Tefft
Joseph Bacon and Sarah Pike
James Frizell and Elizabeth Chandler
Benjamin Bentley and Sarah Shippee
Stephen Crego and Margaret Deduytscher
William Marrison and Ann Padley
Ebenezer St. John and Elizabeth Comstock  headstone
Samuel Sherman and ?
Abraham Melchiorsz Van Deusen and Catharina Meyer
John Jeffree and Elizabeth Grebell
Robert Curnow and Wilmot Rosewall
John Morgan and Rachel Deming
James Avery and Deborah Stallyon

11th Generation
James Stevens and Hannah Barnes
John Bennett and Mary Huntley
Benjamin Greene and Humility Coggeshall  soldier - rev war
Arthur Aylesworth and Mary Brown  ship  Wales
William Knowles and Alice Fish
Robert Hazard and Amy Champlin
John Kenyon and Anna ?  ship  England
William Sanford and Hope Sisson
Moses Barber and Susannah West
John Tefft and Joanna Sprague
Joseph Bacon and Margaret Bowen
James Frisel and Mary ?  soldier - rev war
John Chandler and Mary Raymond  soldier - rev war  headstone
Thomas Bentley and Elizabeth Chamberlain
Josias Crego and Annetje Elsworth
Ruloff Dutcher and Janet Bresie
Robert Marrison and Grace ?
Mathias Saint John and Elizabeth Seeley  ship  England
Christopher Comstock and Hannah Platt
Samuel Sherman and Sarah Mitchell  ship  England  headstone
Teuwis Abrahamsen Van Deusen and Helena Roberts
William Jeffree and Christian Glanville
William Grebbell and Catherine Butcher
Robert Curnow and Catherine Painter
Andrew Rosewall and Mary Stevens
James Morgan and Martha Hills  
John Deming and Honor Treat

12th Generation
James Stevens and Mary Wakeley
John Barnes and Mercy Betts
Henry Bennett and Sarah Champion
Moses Huntley and Abigail Chappell
John Greene and Joan ?  ship  England
Joshua Coggeshall and Joane West  ship  England  headstone
Rev. John Browne Sr. and Mary Holmes  pastor  ship  England
Henry Knowles and Martha Elizabeth Potter  ship  England
Thomas Fish and Mary ?  ship  England
Robert Hazard and Mary Brownell  soldier - rev war
Jeffrey Champlin and ?
James Barber and ?  ship  England
Francis John West and Susannah Soule
Samuel Tefft and Elizabeth Jenckes
Jonathan Sprague and Mehitable Holbrook  pastor  headstone
Thomas Bacon and Mary Gamlin
James Frizzell and Sarah Busketh  ship  flag - scotland
John Chandler and Elizabeth Douglas  ship  England  headstone
Joshua Raymond and Elizabeth Smith  soldier - rev war  headstone
William Bentley and Sarah Eldredge  ship  England
Jacob Chamberlain and Mary Child  headstone
Stephen Crego and Margery L. Slead  ship  England
Johannes Elsworth and Aeltje Roos
William Marrison and Grace ?
Mathias Saint John and Mary Tinker  ship  England
Robert Seeley and Mary ?  ship  England
William Comstock and Elizabeth ?  ship  England
Richard Platt and Mary Wood  ship  England  headstone
Edmund Sherman and Joan Makin
Matthew Mitchell and Susan Wood
Abraham Pietersen Van Deusen and Tryntje Melchiors  ship   Flag_of_the_Netherlands
Robert Robberts and ?
Oliver Glantvyle and Petronell George
Willyam Grybbell and Elizabeth ?

13th Generation
Thomas Stevens and Mary Fletcher  soldier - rev war  ship  England
Henry Wakeley and Sarah Burt  soldier - rev war  ship  England
Thomas Barnes and Mary Andrews  photo  documents  ship  England  
Roger Betts and Ann Burr
Henry Bennett and ?
Henry Champion and Sarah ?  ship  England
John Huntley and Jane Curtis  ship  flag - scotland
George Chappell and Christian ?  soldier - rev war  ship  England
John Coggeshall and Mary Surgis  ship  England  headstone
Matthew West and Joan Wakeham
Rev. Chad Brown and Elizabeth Sharparowe  pastor  ship  England  headstone
Rev. Obadiah Holmes and Catherine Hyde (6th great grandparents of Abraham Lincoln)  photo  pastor  ship  England  headstone
Richard Knowles and ?
Robert Fish and Alice ?
Thomas Hazard and Martha Potter  ship  England
Thomas Brownell and Anne Bourne  ship  England
James Barber and ?  ship  England
Francis West and Margery Reeves
George Soule and Mary Buckett/Beckett  (Mayflower)  ship  England  headstone
John Tefft and Mary Barber  ship  England
Joseph Jenckes and Esther Ballard  ship  England  headstone
William Sprague and Millicent Eames  ship  England
William Holbrook and Elizabeth Pitts
George Bacon and Margaret ?  ship  England
Robert Gamblin and Elizabeth ?
James Busketh and ?
William Chandler and Agnes Bayford  ship  England  headstone
William Douglas and Anna Motley  ship  flag - scotland  England  
Richard Raymond and Judith Williams  ship  England
Nehemiah Smith and Sarah Bourne  pastor  ship  England  headstone
John Bentley and Mary Betts
William Eldredge and Anne Lumpkin  ship  England
Edmund Chamberlain and Mary Turner  ship  England
Benjamin Child and Mary Bowen  ship  England
Stephen Cregaw and Margery Hegaw
Theophilus Elsworth and Annetje Jans
Gerrit Janszen Roos and Tryntje Arents
Guy Marrison and Johanna Wright
Robert Tinker and Mary Merwin
William Seeley and Grace Prett

William Goodman Comstock and Margaret Law
George Platt and Mary ?
John Wood and Jane ?
Edmund Sherman and Anne Pallette  England
Tobias Makin and Katherine Westbrome
Pieter Jans Van Deursen and Paulina Vincke
John George and Johanna Bennye

14th Generation
John Stevens and Mary Moulson  ship  England
John Fletcher and Mary Ward  ship  England  headstone
James Wakelee and Alice Boosey
Henry Burt and Eulalia Marche  ship  England
Phillip Curtis and ?
John Coggeshall and Anne Butter  England
Robert Hulme and Catherine Johnson  England
Thomas Barber and ?
Joseph Jencks and Joan Hearne  ship  England  headstone
William Ballard and Elizabeth ?  ship  England
Edward Sprague and Christiana Holland  England
Anthony Eames and Margery Pierce  ship  England

Henry Chandler and Anne ?  England
Thomas Motley/Motleye/Matlatt and ?
George Raymond and Jane ?
Robert Brownell and Mary Wilson
Thomas Bourne and Elizabeth Rouse  ship  England  headstone
William Lumpkin and Tamesin ?  ship  England
Daniel Chamberlain and ?  ship  England
Benjamin Child and Sarah Shenton
Griffith Bowen and Margaret Fleming
Henry Sherman and Agnes Perpoynt  England
William Pellett and ?

15th Generation
Henry Burt and Isett ?  England
Richard March and Joane Martin
John Coggeshall
and Katherine ?  England
Robert Hulme and Alyce ?  England
John Jencks and Sarah Fulwater

George Hearne and Catherine ?
Thomas Eames and Millicent ?  England
Thomas Chandler and Joane Page
Francis Chamberlain and Agnes Haiden  England
John Rouse and Anice Peabody
Thomas Sherman and Jane Waller
Robert Perpoynt and ?

16th Generation
John Burt and Katherine ?  England
Thomas Eames and Joan ?  England

17th Generation
Henry Burt and Joan Puttenham  England

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