Birth:  1 OCT 1658 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts

Marriage:  1690 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Co., Mass

Note:  James was in the army and was a land owner.

Land Rec: On Nov. 23, 1693, Edmund Chamberland at town meeting at Woodstock, was allowed a corner of land, about thirty rods, on the north side of Muddy Brook, for fencing. Granted March 21 1693-94, three acres adjoining the land he purchased of James Frizell, of Woodstock. James Frizell bought Lot 14 Woodstock Conn.

Military: In 1696 James Enlisted in the “Expedition to Canada in 1696”, the enlistment roll, with his signature, spelled Firzel is on file in the enlisted at Medfield, Massachusetts. The survivors of the expedition of Captain Gardner’s Company, were awarded tracks of land in the present town of Warwick, then and long after called Gardner’s Canada, or Roxbury Canada, Franklin Co, Mass.

Birth of Son:  15 APR 1704
Name: James Frizell
Place: Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts

Military: In 1705 James petitioned the council to return with his family to Roxbury, Mass. To take care of his parents, which was granted, according to the account against deserting the frontiers.

Birth of Son:  14 FEB 1706
Name: John Frizell
Place: Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts

Birth of Son:  5 NOV 1708
Name: Isaac Frizell
Place: Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts

Will: 17 JUN 1740

Death: 6 FEB 1746 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts

Click here to see parents:   James Frizzell and Sarah Busketh

Mary ?     

Birth: 16 MAY 1656 in Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut

Death: 01 FEB 1712  Woodstock, Windham Co, Connecticut

parents are unknown

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