Birth: 13 APR 1733 Chester Co, Pennsylvania

Known as: Grandfather Mote

Note: One of the first emigrants from Georgia-originally lived in Chester Co., Pa, son of Jonathon Mote of Middlesex England. He lived most of his days on the borders of civilization, where much wild game abounded, and therefore became very expert in the use of the rifle, he mentioned among other items of his experience in hunting that he had killed two deer at a shot thirteen times, and twice he had killed three.

Note: In person, he was of medium height, of square and rather heavy built, thoughtful and given to taciturnity (reserved or reticent in conversation.)

Marriage: 1752 Edgecomb Co, North Carolina

Birth of Daughter: 28 FEB 1753
Name: Margaret Mote

Birth of Daughter: 30 AUG 1756
Name: Rachel Mote

Birth of Son: 22 AUG 1758
Name: Jonathan Mote
Place: Georgia

Birth of Son: 28 MAR 1763
Name: William Mote

Birth of Son: 04 APR 1767
Name: John Mote

Birth of Son: 04 JUN 1775
Name: Jesse Mote

Note: 1802
Details: He and his wife accompanied their children when they came to Ohio

Note: Many of his children and descendants once lived around here – a few remain of the same name, in membership with the church.

Note: He came in by convincement in early life and remained steady to the end – died in spring of 1817 in his eighty-fourth year.

Note: His mental and physical faculties were little impaired as ripe age advanced, his step being elastic and his eyesight clear up to the close of life.

Death: 04 MAR 1817 Miami Co, Ohio
Details: He died at his son John’s house of gastritis, being the oldest of the first emigrants in this township.

Burial: West Branch Cemetery, West Milton, Union Twp, Miami Co, Ohio
Details: “Bearing southwest, we come to a peaked slate-colored stone, unlettered, this marks the grave of David Mote Sr.” – From ‘A Walk In a Country Churchyard,’ by Luke Smith Mote, Autumn, 1880

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Dorcas Nichols

Birth: 1731

Death: 17 SEP 1817

Burial: West Branch Cemetery, West Milton, Union Twp, Miami Co, Ohio
Details: His wife Dorcas was laid by his side in the fall of same year in her eighty-sixth year. No gravestone.

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