Family Pages (Direct Ancestors):
Other known ancestors exist; however, we don’t have family pages for them due to a lack of info.
Ancestors in red are the earliest known in their line.

 = Have their photo   = Have documents   = Immigrated to this country  headstone = Have tombstone pic
 = Fought in military  = Was a pastor   (Flags are from their country of origin)

2nd Generation
Keith LeRoy Bergy and Barbara Jean McRoberts  photo  documents

3rd Generation
Eugene Levi Bergy and Audra Mae Farnham  photo  documents  headstone
Roy Jennings McRoberts and Ruth Winey  photo  documents  pastor  headstone

4th Generation
Wellington Bergy and Mary Elma Bowman  photo  documents  ship  Canada  headstone
Henry Adelbert Farnham and Lucy Ellen Farnham  photo  documents  headstone
Alexander McRoberts and Altha Etta Carr  photo  documents  headstone
Elmer Elsworth Winey and Anna K. Tobias  photo  documents  headstone

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5th Generation
Isaac W. Bergey and Nancy Huber  photo  documents  Canada  headstone
Levi S. Bowman and Susannah Cress  photo  documents  ship  Canada  headstone
Millard L. Farnham and Caroline E. Rockwood  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone
Benjamin Farnham and Mary Towne  documents
Charles McRoberts and Eliza Sophia Parks  photo  documents  ship  flag - ireland  headstone
Martin Van Buren Carr and Mary Brand  photo  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone
Josiah Graybill Winey and Mary H. Mohler  photo  documents  pastor  headstone
Michael B. Tobias and Jincy Mote  photo  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone

6th Generation
Joseph Bergey and Elizabeth Wagner  Canada
Peter Huber and Veronica Souder  Canada  headstone
Jonathan B. Bowman and Polly Snider  Canada  headstone
Jacob Cress and Magdalena Eby  documents  headstone
Benjamin Farnum and Huldah Millard  documents
John Rockwood and Hannah ?  documents
? Towne and Mary ?
William McRoberts and Mary Ann McKinney  documents  ship  flag - ireland  headstone
Joseph Parks and Jane Adams  documents  ship  flag - ireland  headstone
Calvin M. Carr and Rachel Jane Shephard  documents
Benjamin D. Brand and Jane Yaw  documents  headstone
Amos Winey and Barbara Graybill  documents  headstone
John Mohler and Nancy Hoke  documents  headstone
Michael O. Tobias and Mary Harner  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone
David Anderson Mote Sr. and Nancy Hoover  documents  headstone

7th Generation
Isaac Bergey and Susanna Tyson Hunsberger  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone
Abraham Reist Huber and Barbara Eshelman  documents
Rev. Joseph O. Bauman and Mary Baer  pastor  Canada  headstone
Jacob Schneider and Mary Erb  documents  Canada  headstone
Simon Cress and Catherine ?
George S. Eby and Barbara Wenger  Canada  headstone
William Park and Elizabeth McBride  ship  flag - ireland
Benjamin B. Brand and Lucinda ?  documents
Philip Yaw Jr. and Mary Tompkins  documents
Jacob Winey and Anna Keeler  headstone
John Graybill and Maria Mary Epler  headstone
Jacob Mohler and Mary Bollinger  headstone
David Hoke and Barbara Sease  headstone
William Michael Tobias and Mary Magdalene Bucher  headstone
David L. Mote and Anna Kessler
Isaac Hoover and Catherine Brumbaugh

8th Generation
Hans Ulrich Burgy and Anna Maria Clemens  ship  Switzerland  headstone
Abraham Hunsberger and Hester Tyson  
Samuel Good Huber and Elizabeth Reist
Ulrich Wilhelm Eshelman and Frances Herr  ship  Switzerland
Rev. Christian Bauman and Elizabeth Oberholtzer  pastor  ship  Germany  headstone
Henry Baer and Margaret Newcomer
Jacob Schneider and Maria Hershey  ship  Germany
Christian Erb and Maria Scherch  headstone
George Eby and Barbara Sensenig
Martin Wenger and Anna Gingerich  ship  Germany  headstone
Thomas Park and Jane Ann McBride  flag - ireland
Alexander McBride and Margaret Gulyland  flag - ireland
Benjamin Brand Jr. and Elizabeth Dodge
Philip Yaw and ?
Elijah Tompkins and Barbara Church
Jacob Winey and Maria Veronica Utterich  ship  Germany
John Kroebiel and Barbara Daradinger  soldier - rev war  ship  Germany  headstone
John Eppler and Mary Pheil
Henrich Mohler and Elizabeth Landes  documents  headstone
Hans Rudolph Bollinger and Catherine Blum
Robert Hoke and Mary Jackson
George Tobias and Catharina ?  soldier - rev war  ship  Germany
Jonathan Mote and Nancy Ann Hickson
Joseph Kessler and Mary Steel
Christian Hoover and Anne Houser
John B. Brumbaugh and Christena Metzker

9th Generation
Ulrich Hunsberger and Catherine ?
Matthias Tyson and Barbara Sellen  ship  Germany  headstone
Hans Ulrich Huber and Barbara Good
Benedict Eshelman and Anna (Stehman) Stoneman
Abraham Baer Herr and Anna Miller  ship  Germany
Christian Bauman and Barbara Hite
Jacob Oberholtzer and ?

Johannes Jacob Schneider and Susannah Bauman  ship  Germany
Rev. Andrew Hershey and Mary Catherine Schnabley
Christian Erb and Maria Winger  ship  Switzerland
Joseph Shirk and Catherine Furry  ship  Switzerland
Christian Eby and Elizabeth Mayor  ship  Switzerland  headstone
Michael Sensenig and Veronica Reiff
Johannes “Hans” Wenger and Anna Sherk  ship  Switzerland  headstone
Joseph Gingerich and Anna Huber
Hugh McBride and Jane Makie
Benjamin Brand and Lucy Cottrell
David Yeaw and Jean ?
Johannes Krehbiel and Elizabeth ?
Adam Epler and ?
Henry Mohler Sr. and Elizabeth ?  ship  Switzerland  headstone
John Landes and Margaretha Naas
Hans Jost Tobe and Eliza ?  documents  ship  Germany
David Mote and Dorcas Nichols  headstone
William Hickson and Sarah Elizabeth ?
Jacob Huber and Anna Christina Guth  soldier - rev war
Martin Houser and Anna ?
Conrad Brumbaugh and Anna Christina Hiser
Johann Valentin Metzker and Catharine ?

10th Generation
Cornelius Doors Tyson and Margaret Theissen  ship  Germany  headstone
Hendrick Sellen and Mary ?  ship  Germany
Peter Eshelman and Magdelena ?
Joseph Stoneman and Francia ?
Abraham Kendig Herr and Anna Meyer Baer  ship  Switzerland
Nicholaus Claus Erb and Catherina Magdalena Widmer
Johannes Wenger and Hannah ?  ship  Switzerland
Thomas Brand and Elizabeth Babcock
John Cottrell and Elizabeth Gardiner

John Furry and ?

Theodorus Aebi and Barbli Dysli  ship  Switzerland  headstone
Johannes Huber and Maria Magdalena ?  ship  Germany
Jacob Good and Elizabeth ?
John Abraham Mote (Jean Motte) and Sarah ?  ship  Flag_of_the_Netherlands
Jeremiah Nichols and Anna White
Johannes Heinrich Brumbaugh and ?
Johann Adam Metzgaar and Maria Catherine Scherer

11th Generation
Jacob Von Sellen and Marieken ?
Peter Eshelman and ?
Bishop Hans Haas Herr and Elizabeth Mylin Kindig  photo  pastor  ship  Switzerland  headstone
Heinrich Lampbrecht Barr and Veronica Meyer
Ulrich Christian Wenger and Christina Engel  Switzerland
Thomas Brand and Sarah Larkin  documents
Job Babcock and Jane Crandall
Jacob Eby and ?  pastor  Switzerland
Gregor Jonas Huber and Anna Maria Kreutzer  Switzerland  Germany
Jacob Good and ?
Marquis de la Mote and ?  flag - France

12th Generation
Hans Christian Herr and Catherine Haas
Jorg Mueller Kindig and Barbel Huffellberg
Oswalk Biederman Bar and Elsi Meili Lampbrecht
Michael B. Meyer and Anna Sporri Hess
Benedict Wenger and Anna Blosser (Blasser)  Switzerland
Thomas Brand and ? ship  England
Edward Larkin and Joanna Haile  ship  England
Theodorus Eby and ?
Jacob Good and ? Meyer  ship  Germany
Marquis de la Motte and ?

13th Generation
Christian Wenger and Catherine Tschantz  Switzerland
Johann Heinrich Huber and Maria Margaretta Hoffman  Switzerland
Peter Gut and Barbara Graber  Germany
Vincent Meyer and ?

14th Generation
Georg Huber and ?
Toni Gut and ?

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