Birth: 1565  Parish Henwick, Podingtin, Bedfordshire, England

Married:  15 NOV 1591  Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England

Birth of Son: 14 MAY 1592 (baptized)
Name:  Francis Sayre

Birth of Daughter:  28 APR 1594 (baptized)
Name:  Elizabeth Sayre

Birth of Son: 15 SEP 1595 (baptized)
Name:  William Sayre

Birth of Son: 07 JUL 1597 (baptized)
Name:  Thomas Sayre

Birth of Daughter:  03 SEP 1598 (baptized)
Name:  Alice Sayre

Birth of Son: 10 AUG 1600 (baptized)
Name:  John Sayre

Birth of Son: 19 SEP 1602 (baptized)
Name:  William Sayre

Birth of Child: 26 SEP 1604 (baptized)
Name:  Abell Sayre

Birth of Son: 23 OCT 1605 (baptized)
Name:  Daniel Sayre

Birth of Daughter:  10 APR 1608 (baptized)
Name:  Rebecca Sayre

Tax Rolls: 1609/1610
Details: Francis was a Mercer or “Silkman”

Birth of Child:  13 JAN 1610/11 (baptized)
Name:  Johannes Sayre

Birth of Daughter:  04 OCT 1612 (baptized)
Name:  Sara Sayre

Birth of Son: 15 DEC 1613 (baptized)
Name:  Tobias Sayre

Birth of Daughter:  1615
Name:  Mary Sayre

Death: 1645  Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England

Burial:  All Saints Churchyard, Leighton Buzzard, Central Bedfordshire Unitary Authority, Bedfordshire, England

Parents are William Sayre and Alice Squyre

Elizabeth Atkins     

Baptized:  09 NOV 1565  Cople, Bedfordshire, England


parents are William Atkins and ?

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