Birth:  10 SEP 1825  Holstein, Germany

Name Var:  Fred Pash, Johan Fried Paasch

Marriage:  1852 to Abel Paasch

Birth of Son:  02 JAN 1853
Name:  Heinrich Paasch
Place:  Holstein, Germany

Birth of Son: 19 JAN 1855
Name:  Peter Paasch

Hamburg Passenger Lists: Departure Date 15 Marz 1856
Details: Departure Age=30, Birth date = abt 1826, Residence=Rendsburg, Holstein; Port of Departure=Hamburg, Port of Arrival=New York, Ship Name=Gutenberg, Captain=J. H. Meyer, Shipping Clerk=Knorr & Holtermann, Shipping Line=Rob. M. Sloman, Ship Type=Packetsegelschiff, Accommodation=Zwischendeck, Volume=373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 009, Household Members=Fr. Joh. Paasch, Abel Paasch, Heinrich Paasch, Peter Paasch

Immigration:  05 MAY 1856
Note:  Sailed from Hamburg, Germany on 15 MAR 1856 and arrived in New York on 05 MAY 1856.  Came with wife, Abelina, and sons Heinrich and Peter.

Birth of Son:  29 APR 1857
Name:  Friedrich (Fritz) Paasch

1860 Census:  Doesn’t appear to be in Wisconsin.  May still be in New York?

Birth of Son:  29 NOV 1862
Name:  Johann Paasch

Birth of Son: 29 MAY 1863
Name:  William Frederick Paasch

Birth of Son: 02 AUG 1864
Name:  George Paasch

Birth of Daughter: 16 MAR 1864
Name:  Mary Katherine Paasch

1870 Census:  01 AUG 1870
Place:  Wilson, Sheboygan Co, Wisconsin
Note:  Wife, Anna, and seven children are living in household.

Birth of Daughter:  18 SEP 1870
Name:  Wilhelmine Christina Paasch

1880 Census:  24 JUN 1880
Place:  Wilson, Sheboygan Co, Wisconsin
Note:  Wife, Abell, and four children are living in household.

Birth of Daughter:
Name:  Lena Paasch

Birth of Daughter:
Name:  Minnie Paasch

Death: 20 May 1894

Obituary:   Have

Burial: Wildwood Cemetery, Sheboygan Co, Wisconsin

parents are unknown

Newspaper Article Mentioning Frederick:  Wilson Pioneers Still Living

William MOENNING, who with his wife now resides with their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Gust BECK on S. Seventh street, lived in town Wilson for about 70 years. He was ten years of age when he came with his parents to this country, the family coming from Milwaukee by boat and settling on a farm at Six Corners.

About 50 years ago Mr. MOENNING in company with William FROELICH, August MAFFERT, John POTH, Erdman WILDGRUBE, Gustav KUNZE, Fred HARTMAN, Friedrich PAASCH, and Carl ROEHRBORN started the third cheese factory in town Wilson. The first factory was started by G. W. WEEDEN and the second by Charles REICH located on Highway 17 about three miles south of Sheboygan.

Abelina Juens     

Birth:  22 FEB 1827  Bregendorf, Schleswig-Holstein , Germany

Name Var:  Abel Jones, Anna

Moved to: AFT 20 May 1894
Place: Shewano Co, Wisconsin to live with daughter

Death: 07 JUL 1897  Lakeside Hospital, Sheboygan, Sheboygan Co, Wisconsin
Details:  Heart problems

Funeral:  funeral service at the Evangelical Lutheran Immanuels Church, officiated by Pastor Burger

Obituary:   Have
Translation:  Mrs. Abel Paasch.

Last Wednesday, the 7th, Mr. Abel Paasch, widowed, passed away at Lakeside Hospital due to heart problems.  She was born on 22 February 1827 in Bregendorf, Schleswig-Holstein , Germany .  She was 70 years old, 4 months and 15 days at the time of her death.

In 1852 she married Mr. Friedrich Paasch (now deceased). Four years after their marriage, they both immigrated to the US und settled in the town of Wilson .

About 5 years ago, she moved with her husband to Sheboygan , where he died in 1894.   After the death of her husband, she moved from there to Shawano County , Wisconsin , and lived with her daughter.  Six weeks ago, she became sick and was nursed by her daughter, until she was transferred to the hospital on the 2nd of July.

She is survived by 4 sons, 2 daughters and 21 grandchildren.

The internment took place on Saturday afternoon at the Wildwood Cemetery following a funeral service at the evangelical Lutheran Immanuels Church , officiated by Pastor Burger.

Burial: Wildwood Cemetery, Sheboygan Co, Wisconsin

parents are unknown

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