Birth:  1592  Suffolk, England

Marriage: ABT 1622  to unknown in Suffolk, England

Birth of Son: 1623
Name: Samuel Bacon

Birth of Daughter: 1625
Name: Susan Bacon

Birth of Son: 1627
Name: John Bacon

Immigration: APR 1635
Details: Came on the ship “Increase” and settled in Hingham, Massachusetts.  Name was originally written as Mason – later crossed out and changed to Bacon.  This could have been a mistake on the part of a careless clerk; however, the Puritans often found they needed to take on assumed names or adopt similar tricks in order to be given permission to emigrate.

Note: SEP 1635
Details:  One of the town proprieters of Hingham, Massachusetts

2nd Marriage:  to Margaret ?

Birth of Son: Abt 1637
Name: James Bacon

Birth of Son:  27 Nov 1640
Name:  Thomas Bacon
Place:  Hingham, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts

Birth of Son: 30 Mar 1642
Name:  Peter Bacon

Death:  MAY 1642  Hingham, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts

Burial: 03 MAY 1642

Administration of His Estate:  28 MAR 1684/85
Details: Captain John Smith and Captain John Jacob were appointed on petition of Peter Bacon, who had maintained his aged mother until her death and had purchased the rights of his brothers and sisters in the estate.

parents are unknown

Margaret ?     

Birth:  ABT 1600  Suffolk, England

2nd Marriage:  1643 to Edward Gould/Gold

Death: 6 Feb 1682/83  Hingham, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts

parents are unknown

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