Birth:  ABT 1780  New York

1800 Census:  Easton, Washington Co, New York
Note: 1 male aged 16-26 and one female aged 16-26 in household.

Birth of Son:  03 JAN 1807
Name:  Aaron Burr Caswell
Place:  Glens Falls, Warren Co, New York

Note:  May have a brother named Robert.

Burial:  No grave has been found for George. George died on his way to Michigan, having been robbed and murdered, location unknown.

parents are unknown

Sarah Stevens     

Birth:  ABT 1781  New York
Note:  There are family rumors that Sarah was actually the illegitimate daughter of Aaron Burr and an American Indian woman.  Sarah’s father, Nehemiah, knew Aaron from his military service.  The rumor is that Aaron gave Nehemiah his daughter to raise.

Name Var:  Sally

Death:  14 APR 1829  Saratoga Co, New York

Burial:  Reynold’s Corners, Moreau, Saratoga Co, New York
Note:  DAR Grave – 4:139 – 68-121-FF – Saratoga Co, New York

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