Birth:  ABT 1616  Barnstable, Devonshire, England

Immigration:  16 MAR 1645/35
Note:  George Chappell emigrated to Windsor, CT, in 1635, in the ship “Christian”, from London, as one of a party of workmen sent out by Sir R. Saltonstall to prepare him a place at Windsor, where Saltonstall intended ultimately to settle. The list of passengers of the ship “Christian” indicates that George Chappell traveled under the control of John Cribb, age 30; although Cribb does not appear to be a relative. The aforementioned party of workmen was in the charge of Mr. Francis Stiles, a citizen and master builder of London, whom Saltonstall had chosen as the agent and manager of his proposed plantation, and George Chappel and other passengers were indentured as apprentices to Stiles, as appears from an order of Court at Hartford, CT, 26 March 1637, “ord. that Mr. Francis Stiles shall teach George Chapple, Thomas Cooper, and Thomas Barber, his servants, in the trade of a carpenter, according to his promise, for their service of their term, behind 4 days in a week only to saw and slitte their own work.” Stiles arrived on the same ship, and probably brought the three with him and paid their way.

Military:  ABT 1635-38
Note:  Served in the Pequot Indian War

Lived: APR 1641
Place: Wethersfield, Hartford Co, Connecticut

1st Marriage: to Christian ?

Birth of Daughter:  1643
Name:  Mary Chappell
Place:  Wethersfield, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter:  01 SEP 1645
Name:  Abigail Chappell

Birth of Daughter:  21 SEP 1647
Name:  Sarah Chappell

Birth of Daughter:  10 OCT 1649
Name:  Rachel Chappell

Birth of Son:  10 OCT 1649
Name:  John Chappell

Moved to:  1650
Place:  New London, New London Co, Connecticut

2nd Marriage:  to Margaret ?

Birth of Son:  17 MAR 1652/53
Name:  George Chappell
Place:  New London Co, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter:  30 AUG 1656
Name:  Elizabeth Chappell

Birth of Daughter:  15 APR 1662
Name:  Hester Chappell

Birth of Daughter:  14 FEB 1664/65
Name:  Sarah Chappell

Resident’s List:  1668
Place:  New London Twp, New London Co, Connecticut

Birth of Son:  21 MAY 1668
Name:  Nathaniel Chappell

Birth of Son:  07 OCT 1671
Name:  Caleb Chappell

Death:  JUN 1682  New London, New London Co, Connecticut

Inventory:  08 JUN 1682

parents are possibly Alexander Chappell and Johan Ellet

Christian ?    


Note:  1671
Details:  It is possibly George Chappell’s wife, Christian, who was intended in the 1671 bequest of THOMAS BELL of Roxbury to all the children of my sister Christian, on her body begotten, who married on Chappell or Chapman, I give and bequeath twenty pounds apiece, &c.” Against this identification is the fact that Bell was an extremely wealthy merchant & George Chappell was of very modest means. 

Death:   1651  Connecticut

parents are unknown

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