Birth:  11 DEC 1748  Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

Marriage:  17 SEP 1769

Note:  After marriage, living in Lititz, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

Birth of Son:  20 FEB 1772
Name:  Samuel Eby

Birth of Daughter:  01 NOV 1774
Name:  Esther Eby

Birth of Son:  08 MAY 1776
Name:  George S. Eby

Birth of Son:  Christian Eby

Birth of Son:  David Eby

Birth of Son:  Joseph Eby

Birth of Daughter:  Anna Eby

Birth of Daughter:  Elizabeth Eby

Birth of Daughter:  Susannah Eby

Death:  10 JUN 1800  Greene Twp, Franklin Co, Pennsylvania

Click here to see parents:  Christian Eby and Elizabeth Mayor

The Ebys belong to the Celts, an ancient race of Asiatic origin, who inhabited the central parts of Europe, particularly the north of Italy. Here they came into contact with the Vaudois, who converted them to their faith. Between 1300 and 1320, the Ebys left Lombardy, Italy, crossed the Alps, to live in Canton, Berne.

During the reformation they suffered the same persecutions as the Protestants in Northern Europe. With the advent of Simon Menno and the Mennonite faith in 1537, the Ebys were drawm into the beliefs of Mennos’ followers. In 1683, a Jacob Eby was ordained as a bishop of the Mennonite faith at Canton, Zurich. With the continuation of the various persecutions, the Eby’s moved again to the Palatinate in Germany. After a few years, the state church again began to harass the Mennonites. At the same time, William Penn had opened up colonization in Pennsylvania. With the offer of free land these persecuted people left mainland Europe for America in large numbers. Among them was Theodorus Eby, George’s grandfather.

Barbara Sensenig     

Birth:  30 JAN 1749  Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

Death:  24 APR 1787  Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

parents are Michael Sensenig and Veronica Reiff

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