Birth: 1580  Cranfield, Bedfordshire England

Marriage:  13 NOV 1606 at Cranfield, Bedfordshire England
Details: The marriage of George Lawton and Isabell Smith appears in the church records of St. Peter and St. Paul church in Cranfield in Bedfordshire. The church was built in the thirteenth century and has several records of the Lawton family in Cranfield going back at least three generations from Thomas.

Birth of Son: 23 SEP 1607
Name:  George Lawton
Note: Married Elizabeth Hazard, the daughter of Thomas Hazard and Martha Potter. (from the Laude family line)

Birth of Daughter: 1 OCT 1609
Name:  Sarah Lawton

Birth of Daughter: 28 OCT 1611
Name:  Mary Lawton

Birth of Son: 27 FEB 1613
Name:  Bennett Lawton

Birth of Son: 17 APR 1614
Name:  Thomas Lawton

Birth of Son: 03 NOV 1616
Name:  Isaac Lawton

Birth of Son: 20 FEB 1621
Name:  Nicholas Lawton

Birth of Daughter: 29 MAY 1623
Name:  Elizabeth Lawton

Note: The Lawtons did not appear to be landowners, as George’s father refers to himself in his will as a husbandman, and there is a record of his grandfather renting land from the local lord. George and Isabell were therefore most likely of husbandman class as well.

Death: JAN 1641  Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England

Burial:  26 JAN 1641  St. Peter and St. Paul Churchyard, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England

parents are Thomas Lawton and Mary ?

Isabell Smith     

Birth:  ABT 1588  Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England

Death:  unknown

parents are unknown

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