Born: ABT 1738 Wiebelskirchen, Zweibruecken, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Birth of Son: 09 MAY 1769
Name: John Tobias

Birth of Son: 04 SEP 1773
Name: William Michael Tobias

Birth of Son: 04 SEP 1774
Name: George Tobias

Birth of Son: ABT 1775
Name: Benjamin Tobias

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1776
Name: ? Tobias

Military Service: Revolutionary War, Capt. Shradle’s Co.

Note: Became the owner of a large plantation

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1782
Name: ? Tobias

Birth of Son: 20 OCT 1784
Name: John Christian Tobias

Will: 14 November 1789

In the name of the most Holy Trinity Amen.
Whereas I George Tobias of Bern Township in the County of Berks have taken into consideration the mortality of my Body, as which streng in my increasing, or Continuing Sickness, are mostly exhausted, but nevertheless I do not find any defect of my sound mind and memory therefore I ordain this my last will and testament, as my very last without exception, and to be confirmed by my Heirs in the following manner~

Firstly I recommend my Immortal Soul into the Hands of God from whom I have received it, but my Corps I leave to those I shall leave~behind and to be by them in a Christian Manner put to his place of rest amongst my Religious Brethren~

Secondly this is my Will, that my Wife Catherine with my seven children, shall continue housekeeping and Farming, until my youngest Son John Christian, shall be fourteen years old, But should my Wife and Children, cou’d not keep house or live together in Peace, Then shall my at present residing plantation in Bern Township be rented to a Tennant~~~~

Thirdly it is my Will that after my death, every thing shall be ~ appraised, and if the plantation should be rented, then shall all the appraised be sold at Public Vendue thro’ the after following Executor. Fourthly It is my Will and Testament, that my eldest Son John shall have my Plantation and that for the Sum of Three hundred pounts Current and Lawful Money, as the same shall be Current in Pennsylvania, to be paid to the other Six Children, Should the abovementioned Son John, not take the Plantation for the above written Price, then shall my Second William have the same for said Price, and for the above Condition, and should this not take the same, then the same shall be the third son, George, for the same mentioned price & condition. Should none of these three take the same, then it is my Will that the same be sold, whichever of them that shall take this plantation, shall be free the first year in paying of a payment, whoever takes this Plantation has to pay afterwards when the first year is expired, every following year~ 20 pounds, until the three hundred Pounds are all paid, and that in following order, the second of the children, or that within one of the oldest shall every time receive the first payment, and so on till to the youngest and that so on again, so the oldest, until the aforesaid three hundred~~ pounds be fully paid~~~

Fifthly I bequest to my beloved Wedded Wife Catherine for her years, support in Grain 15 bushels, half wheat and half Rye, one fatt hog weighing 100 pounds. 50 pounds of Beef, one quarter shall be sowed out for her with Flax, one half quarter of Dunged Sand for Potatoes the fourth part of the Garden to raise Vegetables, The grain must be put for her into the Mill, and delivered back into her House, She must be provided for with Salt, one half bushel course salt and on part fine, One Cow shall be kept for her in the same Fodder and pasture where the ????? of my plantation shall Fodder and pasture his~~~~ I bequeath unto her herewith the dwelling seat in my house during her life time, but could she not live with the owner of the house or lon? rentedly, a seperate house shall be built for her on my Land and that in this form that the same shall be twenty feet in length & 16 feet in breadth, with good windows, with a good stove, and all thereto belonging necessaries, yearly six dozen of Eggs, and if Cyder yields yearly one Barrel, and yearly one Barrel of Rum~~~~~

This dwelling house, or upon such place as she and the owner may agree, with Fire wood the owner shall supply her, and that in this manner that the same shall be hauled to her Door and there let for her use. The Bed with Bedstead & Curtain, remains unto her~~also one chest which belongs to her, as for the cow the same shall be a good cow, should the same become old and not fit for a Milk Cow so shall the owner give her a good Cow & receive the old back again.


Death: 16 MAR 1790 Bern Twp, Berks Co, Pennsylvania

Burial:¬†supposed to be buried in Reverend Leinbach Church Cemetery, Leesport, Berks Co, Pennsylvania (can’t find this cemetery?)

Click here to see parents: Hans Jost Tobe and Eliza ?


Catharina ?

Born: 17 NOV 1745 Berks Co, Pennsylvania

Death: 24 JAN 1814 Bethel Twp, Lebanon Co, Pennsylvania

Burial: Klopp Church Cemetery, Bethel Twp, Lebanon Co, Pennsylvania (didn’t find her buried in this cemetery but her son, George, is.)

parents are unknown

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