Born: 1594 Nazing Parish, Waltham Twp, Essex Co, England

Marriage: Deborah ? in England

Birth of Daughter: 1635 (baptized)
Name: Lydia Holmes
Place: Nazing Parish, England

Immigration: 1637
Note: Came with about 20 others from Nazing Parish, England to America.

Birth of Son: 1637
Name: Joseph Holmes
Place: Possibly born during passage.

Birth of Son: 01 FEB 1639
Name: Nathaniel Holmes

Freeman: 22 MAY 1639

Birth of Daughter: 31 JAN 1641
Name: Deborah Holmes

Birth of Child: ABT 28 OCT 1642
Name: Infant

Birth of Son: 1643?
Name: John Holmes

Birth of Daughter: 07 JAN 1644 (baptized)
Name: Sarah Holmes

Birth of Daughter: 09 NOV 1645 (baptized)
Name: Deborah Holmes

Birth of Daughter: 26 JAN 1682
Name: Obedience Holmes

Birth of Daughter: 29 OCT 1683
Name: Patience Holmes

Birth of Daughter: 02 DEC 1685
Name: Thankful Holmes

Birth of Daughter: 22 MAR 1688
Name: Sarah Holmes

Birth of Son: NOV 1690
Name: Jehosophat Holmes

Religion: Records show he and his wife to be members of Eliot’s Church.

Death: 18 DEC 1645 Roxbury, Massachusetts
Note: Died of fever.

Will: Part of his will states, “There shall not be strip and waste made of timber and firewood from my ground, only so much as may be for the necessary use of my family.”

Parents are unknown


Deborah ?

Born: 1603

Death: 27 JUN 1678 North Beverly, Massachusetts

Parents are unknown

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