Family Pages (Direct Ancestors):
Other known ancestors exist; however, we don’t have family pages for them due to a lack of info. See index for the complete family line. Ancestors in red are the earliest known in their line.

 = Have their photo   = Have documents   = Immigrated to this country  headstone = Have tombstone pic
 = Fought in military  = Was a pastor   (Flags are from their country of origin)

2nd Generation
Harold Wilbur Caskey and Anna Louise VerHoeven  photo  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone

3rd Generation
James A. Caskey and Erma Louise King  photo  documents  headstone
Anthony J. VerHoeven Jr. and Zina Mae Shepard  photo  documents  headstone

4th Generation
Robert W. Caskey and Sarah Amelia Worthington  photo  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone
Isaac Justin King and Mary Ella McIntyre  photo  documents  headstone
Anton VerHoeven and Clara Postuma  photo  documents  ship  Flag_of_the_Netherlands  headstone
George Edward Shepard and Oril May Hadley  photo  documents  headstone

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5th Generation
William S. Caskey and Clarissa Wasson  photo  documents  headstone
Henry Spencer Worthington and Fanny Loomis Woodward  documents  headstone
John M. King and Jane Louisa Purdy  documents  headstone
Donald McIntyre and Olive Mary Herrick photo  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone
Sager Verhoeven and Jacoba Maria de Frel   Flag_of_the_Netherlands
Gerret Postema and Hendrika Cleveringa
documents  ship  Flag_of_the_Netherlands  headstone
Judson Shepard and Carolyn Matilda Martin  documents  headstone
Charles Henry Hadley and Annette Clark  photo documents

6th Generation
Robert Durland Caskey and Elizabeth Salmon documents  soldier - rev war  headstone
Samuel Wasson and Sarah Moon  documents   soldier - rev war  headstone
Justin Worthington and Sally Sparrow  documents  headstone
Asahel G. Woodward and Harriett House  documents
Isaac Purdy and Jane VanAuken  documents  headstone
James D. McIntyre and Mary McColl  documents  headstone
Samuel M. Herrick and Sarah E. Newman  documents  headstone
Antonie Verhoeve and Anna Langeweg  Flag_of_the_Netherlands
Teunis de Frel and Adriana Sullekens  Flag_of_the_Netherlands
Tjeerd Kornelis Postma and Taapke Folkerts van der Tuuk  ship  Flag_of_the_Netherlands
Klass Pieters Cleveringa and Klaaska Roelf Torrenga  Flag_of_the_Netherlands
Barnard Shepard and Betsy ?
John Martin and Mary ?  documents
Stephen Owen Hadley and Abigail Callista Barringer  documents  headstone
Joel Clark Jr. and Hanna Gould  documents  headstone

7th Generation
William I. Caskey and Christina Smith  soldier - rev war
William Salmon and Dorothy Stephens  headstone
John Wasson and Amea Turner  soldier - rev war  documents  headstone
Thomas Moon and Lydia Bly  documents  headstone
Elijah Worthington and Anna Lovett documents  soldier - rev war  headstone
James Sparrow and Mehitable Holmes  soldier - rev war  headstone
Eleazer Woodward and Mary Collins  soldier - rev war  documents
Alexander House and Hannah Terrill  soldier - rev war  documents
Isaac Purdy and Lydia Lounsbury  documents
Donald McIntyre and Ann McIntyre documents  ship  flag - scotland  headstone
Hugh McColl and Jane McVean documents  ship  flag - scotland  headstone
Isaac Newman and Olive Weed  headstone
Eland Verhoeve and Adriana Vos  
Seger Langeweg and Soria Pruijse
Jean de Friel and Alida de Reus
Jean Sulkes and Jacqueline van ‘t Geloof
Cornelis Haijes and Antje Jans van der Hoog  Flag_of_the_Netherlands
Folkert Harmens van der Tuik and Feikjen Errits Postma  Flag_of_the_Netherlands
Pieters Klasen Cleveringa and Grietje Derks
Roelf Pieters Torrenga and Hendrica Jans
Stephen Hadley and Elizabeth Owen  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone
Henrich Barringer and Abigail Hough  photo  documents  soldier - rev war  headstone
Joel Clark and ?

8th Generation
Robert Caskey and Jane ?
Peter Soloman Salmon and Margaret Stark  soldier - rev war  headstone
Richard Stephens and Dorothy Landon soldier - rev war  ship  England  headstone
Jonathan Turner and Millicent B. Wetmore / Whitmore  headstone
Ebenezer Moon and Elizabeth Dake
John Bly and Eunice ?
Elijah Worthington and Mary Wells soldier - rev war  headstone
Joseph Lovett and Anna Holmes  pastor
Stephan Sparrow and Anna Mulford  soldier - rev war  headstone
Christopher Holmes and Sarah Andrews  headstone
Israel Woodward and Mary Sims  documents  headstone
Rufus Collins and Hannah Clark  soldier - rev war  headstone
John House and Dorothy Guild  headstone   (ancestors of George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush)
Lewis Terrill and Anna Simons Babcock
Isaac Purdy Sr. and ?
Epenetus Lounsbury and ?
James McIntyre and Ann Campbell
Hugh McColl and Peggy ?
Peter McVean and Jane M. McColl
Isaac Newman and Abigail Webb
Haije Cornelis and Dieuwke Klases  Flag_of_the_Netherlands
Jan Karels and Tjitske Pieters van der Hoog  Flag_of_the_Netherlands
Dirk Cleveringa and ?
Pieter Torrenga and ?
Lyman Hadley and ?
John Owen and Lydia Gilson  headstone
Petrus Barringer and Susanna Kuhn  soldier - rev war
Joel Robert Hough and Sarah Stillson

9th Generation
William Salmon and Elisabeth Braddock
Aaron Stark and Margaret ?
Daniel Landon Jr. and Ruhannah ?
Stephen Turner and Hannah Doolittle  headstone
Samuel Wetmore and Hannah Hubbard
Ebenezer Moon and Elizabeth Richardson
Richard Dake and Mary Lewis
William Worthington and Mehitable Graves  soldier - rev war
John Wells and Elizabeth Chamberlin
Samuel Lovett and Prudence Dodge  soldier - rev war
John Holmes and Elizabeth Gates
John Sparrow and Apphia Tracey  headstone
John Holmes and Mary Willey  soldier - rev war  headstone
Samuel Andrews and Eleanor Lee
Henry Woodward and Hannah Burrows
John Sims and Martha Brown  headstone
Benjamin Collins and Elizabeth ?  headstone
Benoni Clark and Hannah Root
Nathaniel House and Hannah Davenport
Samuel Guild and Mary Herring
Josiah Terrill and Hannah ?
Joshua Purdy and Mary Park 
Nathaniel Newman and Sarah Husted
Benjamin Webb and Mary Cross
Haije Cornelis and Elisabeth Tiebbes
Wijtse Ruierds and Antje Hindriks
Karel Andries and Antje Jans
Pijter Hiddes and Trijntje Sipkes
Aaron Owen and Meriham Wright
John Gilson and Patience Graves  headstone
Jacob Barringer and Geerjie Schneider
Henrich Kuhn and Anna Gertraut Falkenburg

10th Generation
William Salmon and Hannah Bailey  headstone
John Braddick and Mary Dyer
Aaron Stark and Mehitable Shaw
Daniel Landon and Dorothy Holdredge
Edward Turner and Sarah Hall
Samuel Doolittle and Mary Cornwall  headstone
Ebenezer Moon and Rebecca Peabody
John Lewis and Ann Lanphere
Nicholas Worthington and Sarah Bunce soldier - rev war   England ship
Isaac Graves and Mary Church  soldier - rev war
Noah Wells and Mary ?
Joseph Chamberlin and Mercy Dickinson
John Lovett and Bethiah Rootes  ship  England
Joseph Dodge and Sarah Eaton
John Holmes and Sarah ?
Thomas Gates and Elizabeth Freeman
Jonathan Sparrow and Rebecca Bangs  ship  England headstone
John Tracey and Mary Prence
Thomas Holmes and Lucretia Dudley  ship  England
John Willey and Miriam Moore
Thomas Andrews and Hannah Kirby  headstone
Richard Lee and Sarah Coy
John Woodward and Anne Dewey  ** Appear in the Caskey line and the Smith line  headstone
John Burrows and Hannah Culver  headstone
William Clark and Hannah Strong   headstone soldier - rev war
Jonathan Davenport and Hannah Maynard  headstone
Thomas Terrill and Mary Reeve
Daniel Purdy Sr. and Anna Brown
Roger Park Jr. and Charlotte Vowles
Thomas Newman and Mary Smith?  documents
Samuel Husted and Sarah Knapp
Cornelis Haijes and Griet Feijkes
Tiebbe Halbes and Attie Foockes
Hendrik Egberts and Hiltje Alberts
Andries Karels and Maijcke Gerrolts
Hidde Pieters and Froukje Douwes
Sipke Hanses and Tjetske Gabes
John Guild and Elizabeth Crooke ship
Joseph Owen and Esther Osborn
Abel Wright and Rebecca Terry
John Gilson and ?
Reuben Graves and Hannah Fuller

11th Generation
John Salmon and Sarah Barnes  headstone
Stephen Bailey and Abigail Cooper
John Braddick and ?
Aaron Starke and Sarah ?
Thomas Shaw and Mary ?
Edward Turner and ?
Richard Hall and Mary Anthony   England
Abraham Doolittle and Abigail Moss  soldier - rev war  ship  England  headstone
John Cornwall and Martha Peck
Robert Moon and Dorothy ?  ship  England
John Peabody and Dorothy Tooley/Tully
John Lewis and Mary Button   ship  soldier - rev war   Wales  England
Thomas Worthington and Isabel Longtree
Thomas Bunce and Sarah Bull    soldier - rev war  ship  England  headstone
Thomas Graves and Sarah ?
Richard Church and Anne Marsh  soldier - rev war  ship  England  headstone
Thomas Wells and Mary Beardsley  soldier - rev war  ship  England
John Lovett and Mary Grant  ship  England
Josiah Rootes and Susannah ? (Suzannah accused of witchcraft)  soldier - rev war  ship  England
Richard Dodge and Edith ?  ship  England
Jonas Eaton and Grace ?
George Holmes and Deborah ?  ship  England
Stephan Gates and Ann Hill  ship  England
John Freeman and Elizabeth ?
Richard Sparrow and Pandora Bangs  ship   England  headstone
Edward Bangs and Rebecca ?  ship  England
Stephan Tracey and Tryphosa Lee  England
Thomas Prence and Mary Collier (Was a Governor of Plymouth & Massachusetts Bay Colony) photo  ship  England
William Basset and Elizabeth ?  soldier - rev war  ship  England
Thomas Holmes and Mary Thetford  England
Thomas Dudley and ?
Isaac Willey and Joanna Lester
Miles Moore and Isabel Jaynes or Jaynor  ship  England
William Andrews and Mary ? headstone
John Kirby and Elizabeth Hinds  ship  England
Henry Dorchester Woodward and Elizabeth Mather  ship  England
Thomas Dewey and Frances Randall  ship  England
William Clark and Sarah ?  soldier - rev war  ship  England  headstone
John Strong and Abigail Ford  ship  England  headstone
Thomas Davenport and Mary ?
Haeije Cornelis and ?
Carel Andries and Geertje Meintes
Pieter Gerrits and Antje Pijtters
Douwe Hinnes and ?
Hans Harmens and Trijn Sipkes
Gabe Sipkes and Beitske Hendriks
John Maynard and Mary Gates
Roger Terrill and Abigail Ufford  headstone
Isaac Reeve and ?
William Newman and Elizabeth Bowstreet
Moses Knapp and Abigail Westcott
Noah Graves and Rebecca Wright

12th Generation
William Salmon and Katherine Curtice  ship  England  headstone
Charles Barnes and Mary Hand
John Bailey and ?
John Hall and Esther ?
Edward Doolittle and Elizabeth ?
Captain John Moss and Abigail Charles  soldier - rev war  ship  England  headstone
Paul Peck and Martha Hale   England  
James Peabody and ?
Thomas Tully and Rebecca ?
Thomas Cooper and Margaret ?
James Peabody and ?
Thomas Tully and Rebecca ?
John Lewis and Sarah Mead  ship  England
Matthias Peter Button and ?
Richard Church and Alice ?
Edward Marsh and ?
Thomas Wells and Frances Albright  England
William Beardsley and Mary Harvey  ship  England
Edmund Rootes and Emma Norington
John Dodge and Margaret ?
Peter Eaton and Elizabeth Patterson
John Bangs and Jane Chavis
Stephan Tracey and Agnes Erdley
Thomas Prince and Elizabeth Tolderby  England
William Collier and Jane Clarke (Assistant Governor of Plymouth Colony)  ship  England  
Humphrey Kirby and Bridget Paine
Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth Tysen
Thomas Mather and Margerite Abram
John Strong and Eleanor ?
Thomas Ford and Elizabeth Charde

Sipke Gabes and Trijntje Alberts
John Maynard and ?
Robert Terrill and Jane Baldwin  England
Thomas Ufford and Isabel Bryan  ship  England  headstone
Thomas Calvin Newman and Mary Moorton  ship  England
Nicholas Knapp and Elinor ?  ship  England
Richard Westcott and Joanna ?  ship  England
Samuel Graves and Sarah ?
Benoni Wright and Rebecca Barrett

13th Generation
Christopher Salmon and Sarah ?
Humphrey Doolittle and Ann ?
jJohn Hale and Martha ?
John Cooper and Wilbroe ?
Thomas Button and Mary Price
William Kirby and ?
Hugh Woodward and Jane Hawett
Abraham Collier and ?
John Clarke and Elizabeth Hobson
William Newman and Elizabeth ?
Richard Westcott and Mary Parsons  England

14th Generation
Thomas Doolittle and ?
Guy Westcott and Mary Stuckely  England
Hugh Parsons and ?

15th Generation
Edward Westcott and Demaris Stukely
Lewis Stukely and Margaret Arscote

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