Birth:  09 AUG 1590   Cossington, Leicestershire England

Christening: 16 AUG 1590

Note: He grew up a farmer and worked several different properties inherited from his father.

Marriage: 07 NOV 1609 Cossington, Leicestershire England
Details: Agnes brought additional lands inherited from her father to the marriage.

Birth of Son: 11 FEB 1608/09
Name: Matthew Webster

Birth of Daughter: 10 FEB 1611/12
Name: Margaret Webster

Birth of Son: 26 DEC 1614
Name: William Webster

Birth of Son: 24 NOV 1616
Name: Thomas Webster

Birth of Daughter: 1618
Name: Mary Webster

Religion: John Webster (A Congregationalist) was an active member of All Saints Church in Cossington where he held the office of Churchwarden in 1618 and 1630.

Birth of Son: 17 NOV 1619
Name: Robert Webster

Birth of Daughter: 29 JUL 1621
Name: Ann Webster

Birth of Daughter: 30 MAR 1623
Name: Mary Webster

Birth of Daughter: 16 MAR 1623/24
Name: Elizabeth Webster

Birth of Daughter: 8 APR 1627
Name: Faith Webster

Immigration: 11 JUN 1634
Details:  On June 11, 1634 they sold all of their holdings in Cossington for 1200 pounds and traveled by sailing ship to America. ( The deeds show that he then owned in Cossington three houses and a cottage, various small closes, about one hundred acres of arable land, and considerable grazing rights.)    The cost of passage was approximately 200 pounds for the entire family. The remaining 1000 pounds made them one of the wealthiest of the migrating families.

Note: After arrival in America, they resided for about two years in Newtowne (now Cambridge) in the Boston area of what is now Massachusetts. In 1636 they traveled from Newtowne to Suckiaug (which is now Hartford, Connecticut) where they were a part of the original founders of Hartford.

Assistant to the General Court of the Colony of Connecticut: 1639 to 1655

Commissioner to the United Colonies of New England: 1654

Deputy Governor Colony of Connecticut: 1655

Governor of Colony of Connecticut: 1656

Chief Magistrate Colony of Connecticut: 1657

Religion:  1859
Note: Was one of the leading members of the First Congregational Church of Hartford. A religious dispute arose and John Webster was among the dissenting group. This ultimately led to a group leaving Hartford in 1859 for Massachusetts with John Webster as one of the leaders.

Note:  He first settled in Northampton and later moved to Hadley.

Magistrate: 1660
Place:  Hadley, Massachusetts

Death: 05 APR 1661   North Hampton, Massachusetts
Note: Governor John Webster died of a fever at North Hampton, Massachusetts, while still in the process of laying out the plans and creating a government for the new town of Hadley.

Burial: Old Hadley Cemetery, Hadley, Hampshire Co, Massachusetts
Details:  The very simple original grave stone was replaced by his descendant Noah Webster in 1818 with a much more elaborate stone which is still to be seen in the old cemetery, although it is showing some signs of erosion.

Click here to see parents:  Matthew Webster and Elizabeth Ashton

Agnes Smith     

Birth: 29 AUG 1585  Warwick, England

Moved to: ABT 1661
Details: After her husband’s death, she returned to Hartford, Connecticut.

Death: 15 JUL 1655 Hartford, Connecticut

Parents were  Robert Smith and Agnes Julocke Wraske

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