Birth:  1666 Krefeld, Germany

Name Var:  Henry

Baptized:  17 OCT 1666 at the Reformed Church at Krefeld, Germany

Immigration:  1685
Details:  Immigrated to Germantown, Pennsylvania, owning land there 1685 and 1689.  He purchased 100 acres of land there in 1685.

1st Marriage:  to Mary ?

Birth of Son:  1690
Name:  Peter Sellen

Birth of Son:  1690
Name:  Jacob Sellen

Note:  One of the original settlers of Germantown.  He settled there two years after the colony was founded.

Occupation:  In addition to his farm(s) he operated a flaxseed oil mill.

Naturalized:  07 MAY 1691
Place:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Birth of Daughter:  Maria Sellen

Birth of Son:  John Sellen

Tax List:  15 MAY 1693
Details:  One of 52 adult males on the Germantown tax list

Birth of Son:  Adam Sellen

Birth of Daughter:  Barbara Sellen

Birth of Daughter:  Elizabeth Sellen

Note:  1706
Details:  A paper dated 1706, containing his
signature, is in possession of Hon. Samuel W. Pennypacker, who is a descendant, through Matthias Tyson’s daughter Margaret, who married Jacob Pannebecker.

Religion:  1708
Details:  One of the first trustees of the First Mennonite Church of Germantown

Renaturalized: 1709

2nd Marriage: to Margaret ?

Birth of Son:  21 SEP 1712
Name:  Anthony Sells
Place:  Germantown, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania

Moved to:  1713-15
Place:  the Skippack community

Religion:  1714
Details:  He accepted an indenture for the Skippack church in 1714 and was a trustee in 1717.

Land Rec:  1714
Details:  He owned 291 1/2 acres, probably at Krisheim Twp

Birth of Son:  1715
Name:  Abraham Sell
Place:  Germantown, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania

Birth of Daughter:  Esther Sellen

Birth of Son:  1729
Name:  Henry Sellen Jr.
Place:  Germantown, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania

Birth of Daughter:  Catherine Ulrich Sellen

Note:  Some years after his arrival in Pennsylvania, he made a trip back to Krefeld, and returned to Pennsylvania, thus crossing the ocean three times.  He returned as a legal representative for several colonists.

Moved to:  1732-36
Place:  York Co, Pennsylvania near Hanover

Land Rec:  1735
Details:  Henry purchased 200 acres of land [latitude 39.775966 – longitude 77.043989] and improvements on the frontier of Pennsylvania from John Lemon. This land, now in Union Township, Adams County, PA, was a part of Digges Choice, disputed land claimed by Maryland.

Moved to:  1736
Details:  Heinrich Sellen had sold his flaxseed oil mill in Germantown, PA and became part of the frontier German community (Komupanga.)

Note:  His name appears frequently on petitions concerning the Digges Choice land dispute.

Note:  13 OCT 1749
Details:   Letters of Administration were issued to his wife Margaret and two other men

Death:  OCT 1749  York Co, Pennsylvania

Inventory of Estate:  01 NOV 1749

Burial:  Henry was probably buried on his farm as there were no cemeteries in the area at this early date.

Parents are Jacob Von Sellen and Marieken ?

Mary ?

Birth:  unknown

Death:  unknown

Parents are unknown

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