Baptized: 29 FEB 1576  Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Marriage:  12 FEB 1600  Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Birth of Daughter:  09 Sep 1601
Name:  Susan Wood

Birth of Daughter:  01 SEP 1602
Name:  Mary Wood

Birth of Daughter:  14 AUG 1603
Name:  Rebecca Wood

Birth of Daughter:  10 Nov 1605
Name:  Mary Wood

Birth of Daughter:  14 Apr 1606
Name:  Elizabeth Wood

Death: 13 MAR 1634/35  Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Parents are John Wood and Joyce Farrow

Isabell Goodspeed     

Born: ABT 1574  Wingrave, Buckinghamshire

Death: OCT 1631 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Click here to see parents:  John Goodspeed and Elizabeth Tweed

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