Born:  22 MAY 1607  Much Worton, Lancashire, England

Christening: 22 March 1607 in All Saints

Birth of Son:  1626
Name:  John Woodward

Immigration: 17 AUG 1635
Note:  Came on the ship “James” under Captain Taylor, in the company that followed Reverend Richard Mather.  The “James” landed at Dorchester, Massachusetts on the above date.

Occupation:  Was a physician.

Office Held:  1637
Note:  Served as constable

Marriage:  04 SEP 1638  to Elizabeth Mather  Dorchester, Massachusetts

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1641
Name:  Freedom Woodward

Birth of Son:  JUL 1641/42
Name:  Freeman Woodward

Birth of Daughter:  10 NOV 1643
Name:  Experience Woodward

Birth of Daughter:  1646
Name:  Thankful Woodward

Birth of Son:  28 MAR 1649
Name:  John Woodward
Place:  Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

Moved to:  1659
Place:  Northampton, Massachusetts

Offices Held:  Served as a juror, selectman, and “Commissioner to End Small Causes”.

Religion:  08 JUN 1661
Note:  Henry and eight others formed the First Church of Christ.

Offices Held:  1663/64
Details:  He was chosen Quartermaster of the Hampshire Troop of Horse and the following year as Commissioner of Highways.

Licensed:  1665
Details:  Licensed to keep an ordinary.  His Tavern remained in operation until 1681.

Occupation:  Farmer and also is said to have practiced medicine.

Birth of Daughter:  17 MAR 1672
Name:  Elizabeth Woodward

Contribution:  1672/73
Details:  Contributed flax to Harvard.

Death:  07 APR 1685 in Northampton, Massachusetts in a lightning strike at the upper grist mill.

Parents are Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth Tysen (Tyrer)


Elizabeth Mather     

Born:  1618  Dorchester, Northampton, Deerfield, England

Death:  13 AUG 1690

Parents are Thomas Mather and Margerite Abram

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