Birth: MAY 1822 New York

1st Marriage: BEF 1845 to Mary Syers

Birth of Son:  1845
Name:  Hiram Morse

Birth of Son:  1846
Name:  Charles Morse

Birth of Son:  1848
Name:  George Morse

1850 Census:  10 SEP 1850
Place:  17th Ward, New York, New York
Note:  Wife, Martha, and children Hiram, Charles, and George are in household.

Birth of Son:  MAY 1851
Name:  William Franklin Morse

Birth of Son:  1852
Name:  Richard Morse

Birth of Daughter:  1854
Name:  Emma Morse

2nd Marriage:  1854 to Martha West     in Chatauqua, New York
Note:  per 1900 census and IGI

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1856
Name:  Louisa Morse

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1860
Name:  Jessica Morse

1860 Census: 21 JUN 1860
Place: 21st Ward NYC District 3, New York Co, New York, USA
Note:  Wife, Martha, and four children living in household.

Occupation: Blank paper dealer
Date: BETWEEN 1860 AND 1870
Place: New York, New York Co, New York

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1865
Name:  Ceclia Morse

Event: 1869
Place: New York City – Morse Hiram, paper, 180 Fulton, h 254 W. 52d
Note: Type: Directory

1870 Census: 27 JUL 1870
Place: 14th Election District, 12th Ward, New York, New York, New York, USA
Note: Wife, Martha, and three children living in household.

Birth of Daughter:  MAY 1873
Name:  Gertrude Morse

1880 Census: Manhattan, New York City, NY
Note:  Wife, Martha, and one daughter are living in household.  Hiram was holding public office.

Occupation: Judge in New York

Note: There is supposed to be a Morse Park somewhere in New York, named after Hiram, the judge.

1892 State Census:   Pomfret, Chataqua Co, New York
Note:  Wife, Martha, and daughter Gertrude are living in household.  Hiram’s occupation is blacksmith???

1900 Census:  01 JUN 1900
Place:  Pomfret, Chataqua Co, New York
Note:  Wife, Martha, and daughter Gertrude are living in household.

1910 Census:  15 APR 1910
Place:  District 531, Manhattan, New York
Note:  Wife, Martha, and daughters Emma and Cecelia are also in household.

Death:  Possibly 04 JUN 1910  Manhattan, New York
Note:  Was a Hiram Morse age 88 who died in Manhattan at this time.  Is the right age.  Certificate 17997.  Need to send for this!

Note: There are 5 “Mors” brothers who came to America. There is supposed to be a park in Pottstown, PA with their statues.

parents are unknown


Mary Syers     


Death:  BEF 1854

parents are unknown

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