Birth:  Either Connecticut or Massachusetts per son’s census data.

Birth of Son:  ABT 1825
Name:  Benjamin Farnham
Place:  New York

Birth of Son:  OCT 1828
Name:  Millard Farnham
Place:  New York


Birth of Daughter:  19 MAR 1838
Name:  Harriet Farnham


parents are unknown


Huldah Millard    

Born:  BET 1791-1795  New York

1840 Census:  No Hulda Farnham on census.  Husband must still be living at this point.

1850 Census:  23 AUG 1850
Place:  Thornapple, Barry Co, Michigan
Note:  Son Millard, daughter Harriet, and Elizabeth Cheeseman are living in household.

1860 Census: 10 JUL 1860
Place: Thornapple, Barry Co, Michigan
Note: Living with son, Millard, and his family

1870 Census:  01 JUL 1870
Place:  Caledonia, Kent Co, Michigan
Note:  Living with son, Benjamin, and his family

1880 Census:  Not in Michigan.  Probably has died by this point?

parents are unknown

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