Birth: 30 MAR 1812 Bucks Co., Pennsylvania

Marriage: 22 SEP 1835 Preston, Waterloo Co., Ontario, Canada

Birth of Son:  06 JAN 1837
Name:  Henry Bergy
Place:  Preston, Waterloo Co, Ontario, Canada

Birth of Daughter:  09 OCT 1838
Name:  Catharine Bergy

Birth of Daughter:  09 MAR 1842
Name:  Louisa Bergy

Birth of Son:  04 FEB 1844
Name:  Emanuel Bergy
(Pic on right is Emanuel with his wife Lydia – 1866)

Birth of Son:  27 AUG 1845
Name:  Abraham Bergy

Birth of Daughter:  27 JUL 1847
Name:  Mary Ann Bergy

Birth of Son:  07 JUN 1849
Name:  Peter Bergy

1851 Census:  Waterloo Co, Canada West (Ontario)
Note:  Isaac, Nancy, and eight children are listed (including Tobias, who isn’t supposed to be born until 1852???

Birth of Son:  29 APR 1852
Name:  Tobias Huber Bergy

Birth of Daughter:  27 APR 1854
Name:  Celinda Bergy

Birth of Son:  10 JUL 1855
Name:  Wellington Bergy

Birth of Daughter:  18 NOV 1857
Name:  Novilla Bergy

Birth of Daughter:  1864
Name:  Nancy Anna Bergy

1861 Census:  South Waterloo, Waterloo Co, Ontario, Canada
Note: United Brethren Religion

Birth of Son:  ABT 1868
Name:  Allin Bergy
Place:  Canada

1870 Census:  30 JUN 1870
Place:  Caledonia, Kent Co, Michigan
Note:  Wife, Nancy, and seven children are living in household.  Last name is spelled “Bargy”.

Directory:  1873
Detail:  Michigan State Gazeteer and Business Directory
Place:  Caledonia
Note:  I. Bergy & Son, General Store

Picture of Isaac – later in life

Death: 18 MAR 1874 Michigan
Place: Caledonia, Kent County, Michigan, USA
Note: Died from Heart Problem

Burial: Caledonia Lakeview Cemetery

Click here to see parents:  Joseph Bergey and Elizabeth Wagner

Nancy Huber  

Birth: 30 SEP 1813 Pennsylvania

Nancy Huber Bergy and her children – either 1873 or 1889

1880 Census:  22 JUN 1880
Place:  Caledonia, Kent Co, Michigan
Note:  Daughter, Nancy, is living in household.  Living next door to son, Peter’s family.

Newspaper Article:  1889
Note:  A family reunion on Christmas Day

1900 Census:  Couldn’t find her on the Caledonia, Kent Co, Michigan census.

Picture of Nancy Huber Bergey

Death: 16 FEB 1905  Caledonia Twp, Kent Co, Michigan
Note:  Died from appoplexy.

Burial: Caledonia Lakeview Cemetery

Click here to see parents:  Peter Huber and Veronica Souder

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