Birth: 1722 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

Name Var:  Guth

Birth of Son: Henry Good

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1735
Name: Anna Christina Good/Guth
Place: Woodbury Twp, Bedford Co, Pennsylvania

Birth of Daughter: 09 DEC 1740
Name: Elizabeth Good
Place: Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

Birth of Son: ABT 1743
Name: John Good

Birth of Daughter: 1744
Name: Mary Good
Place: Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

Birth of Daughter: 1749
Name: Barbara Good

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1752
Name: Catharine Good

Birth of Son: 1752
Name: Jacob Good Jr.
Place: Cambria Co, Pennsylvania

Birth of Son: ABT 1755
Name: Abraham Good

Birth of Son: 25 FEB 1759
Name: Christian Good
Place: Leitersburg District, Washington Co, Maryland

Land Rec: 1765
Details: Michael Miller sold “Skipton-on-Craven” in two partitions: 117 acres to John REIFF, husband of his step-daughter Anna GARBER, and 163 acres to Jacob GOOD, husband of his step-daughter Elizabeth GARBER.

Occupation: Owned a sawmill on “Skipton-on-Craven”

Note: One of the first Mennonite settlers in Leitersburg district, Washington County, Maryland. In 1770 Jacob leased “Huckleberry Hall,” a tract of two hundred forthy acres on the Little Antietam creek, located on Polular Grove road near Ringgold, Md., which he purchased in 1772. Here he resided until his death.

Military Assistance: 10 JAN 1777
Details: The following entry occurs in the minutes of the County Committee: “Whereas, complaint has been made to this committee that no horses have yet been procured in order to draw the cannon for the use of Colonel Stull’s battalion. Ordered that Jacob Good furnish one team for that purpose; in case the said Good can not furnish four horses his own property, that he apply to some neighbor to assist him therein, who is hereby required to be assistive.” Good was a resident of Leitersburg District.”
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Picture of the home of Jacob and Elizabeth Guth:  “Huckleberry Hall,” located on the Popular Grove road, near Ringgold, Washington Co, Maryland


Death: AUG 1797 Leitersburg, Washington Co, Maryland

Burial: Good Cemetery, Leitersburg, Washington Co, Maryland

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Elizabeth ?

Birth: 1722

1st Marriage: to ? Garber


Parents are unknown

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